Is CM Punk making professional wrestling fun again?

  1. The Jet profile image69
    The Jetposted 11 years ago

    Is CM Punk making professional wrestling fun again?

    I do believe he is. BEST IN THE WORLD!

  2. mosaicman profile image60
    mosaicmanposted 11 years ago

    He is the master manipulator. He has revived the interest in wrestling for a lot of fans. The move when he left the WWE with the belt was brilliant. I previously did not like him much. I thought it was far fetched that he won the money in the bank twice but he has proven he can take the torch and run with it. The match he had with John Cena was classic.

    The ball is in his court, hopefully he will shoot to score.


  3. cwecompany profile image54
    cwecompanyposted 10 years ago

    Q: Is CM Punk making Professional Wrestling fun/entertaining again?

    A: Although I know this question was 17 months ago, and I'm sure that within that 17 months, like after he stood up to the Mcmahon family and became a the good guy that he was in fact the glimmer of hope to make wrestling fun again. I can only hope that within this 17 month when you posted that you have changed you're outlook, if not I respect you for that. But covering pro wrestling and a wrestling promoter since summer of 1999, I feel like I can say this. YES! YES! YES! CM Punk WAS making wrestling fun again and in the start of 2012 it appeared after his pipe bomb before his contract was renewed behind the scenes that he is good, but this best in the world crap was just another way to turn him heel where he thinks hes so good the fans love to hate him. If that was the goal then yes, WWE made that a reality helping his a career and process to turn bad guy. But as good as he is, was, or otherwise. Hes anything but the Best In the World and couldnt wait until he lost it at the Rumble because I tihink WWE with having The Rock as a headline challenger and the crying CM Punk about how long hes held the title. I think WWE if not alone, seen that ya they love to hate PUNK, but this title run was getting old. Especially when after the first few months it WAS CLEAR they had turned Punk heel. If this isn't an act, he doesn't do it like old school nor would we want it that way. But people complain the titles ALREADY dont mean anything when its a new champ every week. Add to that what WWE is famous for, giving away PPV MATCHES on FREE TV and Vince or Linda bitching about low buyrates, learn how to book! Or hire someone! To conclude, Punk is a great wrestler, again FAR FROM BEST IN THE WORLD with his crying week to week and hiding behind Haymen regularly, doesnt reflect a champion, but simply a coward with WWE Title. Punk like the Lakers, you've held the title long enough, give those guys you claim to care SO MUCH about like Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, and others! You've had you're shot! DOWN W/ CM as champ for atleast a year, WE THE FANS ARE BORED OF YOU TO EXTENTS YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!


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