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Should college football players get paid and how much?

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    scot71007posted 6 years ago

    Should college football players get paid and how much?

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    dev4lifeposted 6 years ago

    College Football players should be paid.  The amount should be enough to cover things not covered by their scholarship.  If you compare how much is made off these guys they should get at least 20,000 dollars but if all athletes have to be paid then it would definitely be lower.

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    mesacleanpoolsposted 6 years ago

    They shouldn't get paid traditionally, but their scholarships should be more robust providing other amenities.

    By not giving them enough to live comfortable, they push them toward dirty scouts and coaches.

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    KNORposted 6 years ago

    No  or I should say no more than they are now.  i am not sure most fans understand that players dont just get free classes and books.  Players also receive money for a place rent.  Guess what happens when they are allocated say a$ 800 a month for rent but rent a place for $500?  They can keep the rest.  Except for players living in dorms Most players I have known managed to have cash left from their scholarships. Granted they aren"t getting rich but they are not supposed to be either.

    However the main reason I am against paying players revolves around why many advocate we should.  Often writers make the argument that cheating will stop or slow down if you pay the players. Then the player wont be tempted to take from situations the NCAA has declared illegal and then everyone will be on equal footing.  Nonsense.  Play a player  $500.00 a month and within months there will be a school paying  another $200-$300 under the table.

    The only real way to make college football an amateur sport again is for the NFL to create a minor league . But the NFL will  never create a minor league because they already have one in the NCAA and how much does NCAA football cost the NFL? Exactly, very little.If the owners decided to set up a minor league they would have to fund it.  Currently  the owners are really just trading control of the minor league in exchange for free training for their future players.

      So we  will never see minor league football off campus unless there are some drastic changes and the best future NFL players are no longer training on college campuses.

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    ThomasRydderposted 6 years ago

    Absollutely not!! They are students...they are there to learn, not turn a profit. The good ones get scholarships, and the others have the privilege of representing their school and travelling. The vast majority of college athletes as a whole do not go on to play professionally, but instead have careers in their chosen fields (if they're lucky). It's therefore much more important that they concentrate on their studies, in order to compete in today's job market.There is little enough attention being paid to education, as it is.