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Why is Baseball America's favorite past-time?

  1. Diane Woodson profile image61
    Diane Woodsonposted 5 years ago

    Why is Baseball America's favorite past-time?

    what do you like about baseball, on tv, at a game, who are players you like too. My Favorite Baseball star is pictured here. He was all-star in 1964 here in the town where I live. 


  2. Ugly Honest profile image73
    Ugly Honestposted 5 years ago

    At this stage it's the venues .... More than anything else it's being in the actual parks/stadiums. There is something about a baseball diamond that just makes me feel 15 again. ..  I'm not sure if it's the lush green grass, the dirt,  the fresh lines , or the combination. of the combination of the three that thrill me ... but it definitely gives me butterflies.... I try to catch our local AAA affiliate of the Phillies at least three times a year.... This may sound weird but i really don't care who wins or loses .... The excitement for me is just being there in the park ..... ...... That park is one of the few places where I feel truly relaxed

  3. ShootersCenter profile image72
    ShootersCenterposted 5 years ago

    No matter what size you are you can play, almost anyone can learn the game and there are enough spots on the field to get almost everyone in every game.

  4. InCourage profile image58
    InCourageposted 5 years ago

    Baseball is part of the American Fabric, very much like apple pie and the Fourth of July.  The thing is America is changing and saying that Baseball is America's favorite pastime is nostalgic, romantic but not accurate.  Football is America's true passion and not the NFL.  College football is King.  The only thing that truly compares is March Madness... and that not very well. 

    I think that baseball was a game that was geared for a simpler time.  A slower time when people could enjoy sitting through 9 innings of untimed play on a warm summer afternoon.  When people appreciated the smell of freshly cut grass and the taste of a stadium hotdog.  It was a lazy game of grace and thought and calculation.

    Today's society moves at a much faster pace.  We love our sports but time is precious, people are time poor.  The thought of sitting in a stadium for hours without a clock continuously ticking down, pushing the pace onward frantically doesn't sit well with most.  We want our entertainment but we want it in a preset period of time.  After all, we have plans for after the game!  We also need to be entertained... not every so often but on every play... we need a collision, a dunk, a crash... something exciting and almost random, we want the unexpected!

    The one thing that will never change though is the fact that Baseball has and always will make the best Sports Movies!  At least there's that.