Super Bowl night, who do your think is going to win.

  1. blackknight2011 profile image61
    blackknight2011posted 4 years ago

    Super Bowl night, who do your think is going to win.

  2. David Carl profile image64
    David Carlposted 4 years ago


    I won $250.00 for owning, the 1 square, out of 100 squares, in my Super Bowl work pool, for the score at the end of the 1st half! 22 to 0.

    I didn't even know what the score was or really didn't even care. At the time, I was busy, filling my plate with Dorito's, hot dogs, brownies, chili,  meatballs, coffee, bread, dip, cheese, cake, cookies, Kool Ade, (How do you spell Kool Ade, anyhow. And where did that big pitcher, with the smiley face ever go. He used to show up at all kinds of parties.) strawberry rhubarb pie, forks, knives, napkins, candy, and other stuff that looked good, but which, I have no idea, what it was or at least,  I can not remember it, at all, two days later. (Sorry about the runny, run on there.)

    I was a celebrity of the day on Blah Raw Monday. The day, after, the day, more chickens  lose their wings, than any other day in the year. If we could only find a use for chicken beaks and tails for the day after. Some kind of stew that soothes the gray matter of the losers, like grammas chicken soup used to in the day.

    It's the day that so many Americans, pull themselves out of bed or wherever they slept the night before, after filling up on crap, like dogs who think that if they can  just eat that one last bite, they will be truly happy, until their next ...uh...uh.....bite.

    I sat next to, a woman from Bolivia, who said, you say...I am so full in my English. I love, the American food! She said this, as she was rising with her empty plate for another feed at the trough.

    The guys with the orange shirts, they lost because they couldn't hold on to the football. Also, wherever, the ball was thrown, another guy with an orange shirt was not there. It seemed like the orange team was from Babel instead of Denver, they just weren't communicating. The white team were like, the good guys in the old movies, they just couldn't make a mistake. It was kind of like Angels in the Outfield before the playoffs.

    I noticed that the celebrities were up in the special boxes above the field eating the same food that I was. Micheal Douglas was stuffing a piece of pizza in his mouth. The network guys thought that the viewers would rather watch that action, than the game as the scored turned 36 to a single digit or something like that. How embarrassing......

    So, to answer your question, I think the Seahawks were the Super Bowl winners, if my memory serves me correctly. (Ran out of room to write..)


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