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Should the indefinite suspension of Pete Rose be lifted?

  1. GoingYard profile image60
    GoingYardposted 3 years ago

    Should the indefinite suspension of Pete Rose be lifted?


  2. Sri T profile image79
    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    No. He should be used as an example of the penalty for his behavior. In the long run, it's petty but rules are rules. Some people get caught and get a pass after public humiliation, some don't. One day, if he is wise, he will realize it's irrelevant. Whatever happens is wiped out by time. It will only exist as a memory for others.

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    BrianCFrancisposted 3 years ago

    Pete Rose is just like everybody else. He has two arms, two legs, and over 4,000 hits.

    He played the game the way that it is meant to be played. His record of all-time hits may never be surpassed. He hustled non-stop and gave more effort than 100-percent of the players in the game today.

    He bet on baseball. We have players taking performance enhancement drugs and give them a 50-game suspension.  That doesn't stop them, they find new ways around the system. That is more detrimental to the game than gambling.

    And gambling can be classified as an addiction, a disease. But, it really doesn't matter either way. The Hall of Fame is voted on by the corny sports writers of American and if you don't kiss their ass, you are not included in their little club. The whole system is a joke, but when it comes to the actual game itself, the only player that I truly admire is Pete Rose.

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    homerunskillsposted 3 years ago

    I feel that this will be an on going battle between players and MLB.  The MLB wants to make Pete Rose the "example"  but their a lot of other players that gamble today.  Pete is not the only one.  I think a lifetime ban is too harsh I think with the kind of baseball he played he should be in the Hall of Fame.  I can see how the players need to be an example on and off the field that the fans can look up, but MLB wants to control the players too much off the field.  Gambling is not a good thing but what players do off the field is their own business and the media, fans, and MLB should stay out.

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    James King 32posted 2 years ago

    If owners can eliminate a whole race of people from participating for 60 yrs and not be penalized, then Charlie Hustle should be in the "Hall".
    Pete was an intense competitor ( I believe that lead to his addiction). Give him a fine and let him in.
    If he threw games maybe I would have a different opinion.
    Many of us love Pete Rose and his will to succeed.