We love to go camping, but what should we carry with us? Hammock ?

  1. Brenda Grifin profile image59
    Brenda Grifinposted 3 years ago

    We love to go camping, but what should we carry with us?  Hammock ?

    We have been going camping for a very long time.  We started out camping when our children were small.  We started out camping with a tent on the beach.  I can still remember how much fun we had back then.  We all still like to get together and go camping.  Now we not only have our children with us, but also our grandchildren.  Sometimes we still head to the beach, but we like to go to a lot of different scenery.  The one thing that I don't want to go without while camping is my hammock.  My hammock has been my best friend.  I can lie on it and let the stress of the day or week just float away


  2. MarieLB profile image81
    MarieLBposted 3 years ago

    Hi Brenda Grifin, 
    You made me go green with envy, thinking of a hammock and camping on the beach!  Wow!!

    There was a time when I too went camping on the beach when the kids were small, but those days are gone.  Not because of age, but because of Government regulations!  Where I live I am not allowed to camp for a night on any crown land unless it specifically states that I can, and as for a hammock, well, where am I going to find two trees to hang it on?

    Good luck on the beaches, if you can do it, I would, with or without a hammock!