Do you ride your road bike off road?

  1. Ardot profile image91
    Ardotposted 7 months ago

    Do you ride your road bike off road?

    I have a road bike, and a mountain bike. I know of a nice stretch of gravel/dirt trail about a 20 km road ride away from home. I'd like to ride there with a road bike and trail ride with my mountain bike, but I can not obviously.
    Inspired by the cyclocross/adventure bike movement, I decided to try riding the trail with my road bike... it wasn't so bad! I use a lot of mountain bike riding tricks with the road machine and it's actually fun!

  2. Shogun profile image46
    Shogunposted 4 months ago

    I am hesitant to ride my road bike on anything unpaved or uneven more than I have to. I am all for helping develop some cyclocross legs, but... wink