A World Cup Experience

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    alltruetechposted 7 years ago

    Every four years, fans from around the world travel to the FIFA World Cup tournament - the mecca of football. Some simply travel down the road, some from a neighboring city while others traverse the globe to see their team partake in the world's largest sporting event.

         South Africa is doing very well, totally contrary to the image that is often held in the foreign press. There is no tension, everybody is relaxed. You'll love to stay there. The atmosphere before the match, everybody is friendly and the vibe is great. There is a sense of brotherhood.

         Moments like this is really great. You get asked interesting questions, people want to know where you are from, and through this we learn a lot. You get to know people, their history, sharing stories, learning about their cultures, you meet people and that is what makes the memories.

    It's just so amazing even if I only watching it on TV...
    "This is the World Cup spirit.�

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      pinkboxerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to Hubpages! Now write that first hub. Be encouraged. I am also following the World Cup 2010. It is very exciting.