Happy Homecoming for McNabb!

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  1. wavegirl22 profile image41
    wavegirl22posted 8 years ago

    I bet the fans that gave McNabb a standing ovation  when he was introduced today before the Redskins' game at the Linc today sure must be wishing he still wore Eagles green after he led Washington to a 17-12 victory.

    Philly fans not known for their kindness can be pretty rough on its sports figures, but McNabb brought them plenty of good moments for for 11 seasons, and today they remembered.


    But they werent so nice to Kevin Kolb who had to replace Vick who left at the end of the first quarter with a rib injury.


    Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks Kevin Kolb (4) and Mike Kafka (3) walk off the field after the Eagles lost to the Washington Redskins 17-12 in an NFL football game in Philadelphia, Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

  2. ShamrockSports profile image60
    ShamrockSportsposted 8 years ago

    I was at the game today.  The standing ovation ended as soon as McNabb stepped under center.  The boos were louder than I have heard in quite some time.

    McNabb's performance did not warrant him being missed in Philly.  Aside from two plays he looked like the same McNabb some or perhaps most wanted out. Making bad reads, missing wide open WR's, and smiling like a goof everytime he messed up.

    If anything we would like an improved defense that can stop the run and a special teams that can stop returners from making big gains more frequently.  Oh and an offensive line. Is that asking for too much? Sorry the bitterness is still with me from that game.

    1. JayDeck profile image75
      JayDeckposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I agree, he looks lost out there; he's the same old McNabb. I am beginning to wonder, though, if there isn't some deeper explanation for just how lost he looks. I've never been a fan, but i'd sure hate for him to have some lingering head trauma issues. It's just that sometimes he looks like he's not sure what's going on. If you watch him play, you can see it. Sometimes, it's only a few seconds, but you'll notice. On the bright side, last year seemed worse, to me; he seemed to forget where he was on a number of plays, and not just where on the field.

  3. ShamrockSports profile image60
    ShamrockSportsposted 8 years ago

    JayDeck:  That is a possibility (I recall seeing a story in the local paper last season on that subject), but I have the unfortunate honor of being a Syracuse fan as well.  He would have moments like that back then too.  He could have Marvin Harrison streaking up the sideline naked with his hair on fire and McNabb would still somehow miss him from the pocket.  Back then he still had the wheels so it got him out of the not sure what's going on situation more often.

  4. LakeShow T profile image79
    LakeShow Tposted 8 years ago

    McNabb did not have the greatest game today by any means, but I think the Eagles fans did the right thing. They cheered him before the game--That's what you do for someone who led you to 5 NFC Championship games. Then they booed him once the game began being that he was at the opposition at that point. If I recall correctly, that is also how it happened with Favre's return to Lambeau last season.

    I think McNabb has been a very, very good QB in his career and all of the criticism has not been justified. The current Eagles are not nearly the team they were for the past decade. I think McNabb has something to do with that. Personally, I'd like to see him in Minnesota next year.

  5. EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image84
    EYEAM4ANARCHYposted 8 years ago

    The Eagles have some issues on the offensive line, but in terms of skill players, they have the most talent in decades. That's based on Vick being the QB, though. Kolb stinks, at best, he is a capable back up and that is even questionable at this point. Defense is the problem that's going to hold the Eagles back this season.


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