They Don't Hunt Much Anymore

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    ujoutdoorsposted 7 years ago

    In Louisiana you have one of the most liberal hunting seasons in the country. You can use vertical bows,crossbows,muzzleloaders, primitive cartridge rifles such as a 45-70, shotguns with buckshot or slugs, and modern rifles. Waterfowl and small game hunting is outstanding, but yet with all the quarries of the Sportsman's Paradise, few seriously hunt any more.

    From my educated observations I see the economy being the worst culprit followed by single parent homes run by women who seem to wish someone would come get their young boys and do something constructive with them. I suppose anti-hunters would like to claim some points but in La they have little clout. Even the schools promote hunting to give the kids something to do. Many seem to want to go but there is no one to take them. The state is in good favour of this and has established numerous youth hunt opportunities.

    What hurts me is to see the good old boys that use to hunt and fish sitting around on relief, doped up by some doctor or pusher (about the same)or a veteran sitting down at the American Legion telling war stories and drunk as a lord, when he could be working with some kid in the field. Once again America weakens....Pass it on.

    John Simeone
    Uncle John's Outdoors