Attitudes, Opinions and Egos

  1. ujoutdoors profile image51
    ujoutdoorsposted 7 years ago

    With over 47 years in the martial arts I have come to some interesting conclusions, none of which has a lot to do with fighting or learning how to fight.

    Most new students need some sort of attitude adjustment when they start a martial art. Go watch the old or new Karate Kid movie and you will see. Next is ego, there has to be some kind of quelling to the male ego, and I've seen it in females as well. With time, skill is developed so the false confidence from an inflated ego is usually lost to humility. Once mastery of technique is achieved the persons whole personality changes for the better.

    But the most deadly martial art technique is an opinion. Ever wonder why there are so many different styles of martial arts, there are that many opinions. Soon those opinions are mounted on the horse of attitudes and egos. Then somebody says, "My style is better than your style." Some may avoid it but it almost always makes reason for another fight. Perhaps they are looking for an excuse, well there it is.