Your Wrestlemania Moment:)

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    Johnjfernandoposted 6 years ago

    What was your favourite Wrestlemania Moment? I had 4 favs that have to mention.

    The first one is obvious being Hulk Hogan picking up Andre the Giant for a slam WM7.

    The second came at WM 17 with Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off from a ladder while Jeff was hanging in air the with the belt still locked in by the rope.

    The 3rd is WM18 where the most epic rivalry of all time had a really ironic twist, nonetheless it was great because of how Toronto was so into it. Sorry , I'm refering to the Rock vs. Hogan match. The night, Hogan was supposed to get booed because he's the heel and the rock was to be cheered. Instead, in the stare down, Hogan gets cheered, the rock gets mixed reactions before getting cheered like crazy. And then they lock up and Hogan does his trade mark pose after throwing the Rock back to the other corner. The cheers were so big towards because of the history he made in Canada, that he says in the interview, him and the rock had to change the entire element of the match to the point where Hogan started using Hulkamania moves, eventually 'hulking up.' Truely Epic!smile And he noted the crowd was so great and that never ever happened to him before.

    4th is WM20 with Chris Benoit wiinning the World Heavy Weight Belt and then in the debree of the confety, Eddie Guerrero appears with his WWE belt and hugs him along with Dean Malenko, bringing back the team of 'The Three Amigos.'