Anyone tried Tenkara?

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    John Vetterliposted 6 years ago

    Hey all, I am a professional Tenkara Fly Fishing Guide and if you have seen, heard of, or are curious about the Tenkara method of fly fishing, I have new hubs uploading regularly so please bounce over & check it out.  I can also answer specific Tenkara questions here. 


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      Cocoa Fly Fishesposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Mr. Vetterli, I am just wild for this form of fly fishing, & I am looking forward to trying it as soon as possible.  It looks perfect, from what I've seen in my research, for NH waterways!  Now, that sold me on it entirely, right from the get-go.

      Do you know if it's a form that works well for fly fishing the smaller UK waterways?  Just asking.

      I'm loving your hubs, Mr. V.!  They're professional, well-edited, cleanly written, & chock-a-block full of information for both the brand new & the seasoned pro fly fisherman! 

      Thanks & best of luck to you, sir, here on HubPages!

      Warm regards...Cocoa Fly Fishes

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    ronin145posted 6 years ago

    Tenkara works in any stream,  I have used it on large rivers such as the Madison River in Montana and just today I was fishing a tiny creek that runs through a local park.

    The Tenkara USA rods vary in length from 10 ft to 14.7 ft.  You have to look at the types of rivers or streams you want to fish & choose the appropriate rod. 

    A rule of thumb for lines is the line should be at least 1.5 times the length of the rod including tippet.
    An example is:  for my 12 ft Iwana rod I use a 10.5ft line with about 3-5 ft of tippet depending on the depth of the water or the amount of reach needed to cover a certain section of water.

    I would recommend looking into the 12ft, Tenkara USA Iwana rod.  It is one of the most versitile rods in their line up.