Todays playoff games

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    petlvr70posted 6 years ago

    What are your picks for todays games? Eventhough I am from NY I have been a 49ers fan 27 years so my heart is in SanFrancisco (LOL). I hate the Patriots so I will be cheering on the Ravens!

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      PsychNickposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I think the 49ers will beat the Giants in a very close game. True Eli Manning has everything to back him up in being the much better option at qb based on his career but Alex Smith showed last week how much better of a qb he is now. Plus the game will be at 49ers which I think will be the difference maker. 49ers win roughly 27-24.

      In the Pats vs. Ravens game I have the Pats winning. I think the Ravens will be hard pressed with that age on their interior defense to stop hernandez, gronk and welker. Plus Flacco is not a qb I would want leading my team in an away game. If Yates played even average last week then Ravens would not be here. Most qbs do not gift wrap 6 picks (3 actually int) in a game by throwing into obvious double cover and Brady will not do that here. Ravens only chance is of course to do what the Giants did to him in the Superbowl...have their Defensive front dominate the Pats offensive line. I have Pats winning 27-17.