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  • The Chance

    The Chance

    8 years ago

    My first song try, criticism welcomed, about taking that chance despite fearr of rejection on a girl.

  • Endless Looks

    Endless Looks

    9 years ago

    A satirical song about how looks are so predominately affecting our choices in love and relationships. Go for time endearing super model looks? Or how about a quiet life with some real world angels?

  • Words Left UnSpoken

    Words Left UnSpoken

    9 years ago

    A poem/lyric for a love song where words left unspoken must now forever be held within as the love interest is no longer around

  • Light Nature

    Light Nature

    9 years ago

    A short poem, from years ago, exasperating the degree in which if light could speak then it would almost be same as an omnipresence being. The Nature of Light In the midst of even the dreariest of night There shines upon us this brilliant moon...

  • Is This I?

    Is This I?

    9 years ago

    This was an early attempt at a sestina from back in high school so it does not follow succinctly with a sestina poem but it is in that general format. It is based on the book Crime and Punishment. Who am I? I know that Raskolnikov be my name, But...

  • Fyodor_Dostoyevsky


    9 years ago

    Introduction Fyodor Dostoevsky is a Russian novelist, journalist and short story writer from the 19th century. His works' importance have transcended through time as Crime and Punishment is still being read in schools through America; even I read...

  • Seasonal Change

    Seasonal Change

    10 years ago

    As blackened clouds cry, Blowing leaves through the pasture. A squirrel burries nuts

  • Psy's Fantasy Football Sleepers

    Psy's Fantasy Football Sleepers

    10 years ago

    My fantasy sleepers for the 2012 NFL Fantasy Football season. For the Bills it may be 3 times a charm appearing on all 3 of the sleeper lists.

  • Un-Orderly, Orderly Night

    Un-Orderly, Orderly Night

    9 years ago

    A sestina that describes events that happen during a fictional uorderly, orderly night using orders and recipes. The words order, recipe, kitchen, rain, wind and night were chosen for this sestina.

  • Capital Corruption

    Capital Corruption

    10 years ago

    This is a poem about the unequal power struggle going on in the present day United States. It is aimed particulary at the government and its unfair corruptness that appears to be happening, with rules favoring the power and elite. Yes, I admit I wrote this poem in one of those "I hate the...

  • Political Participation: An Analysis of Germany vs. United States

    Political Participation: An Analysis of Germany vs. United States

    10 years ago

    A comparison of the United States and Germany on what may cause the difference in political participation between the two countries. This paper is not meant to explain everything as that would take hundreds of pages but to give some insight on what influences each countries political participation.

  • Poker: Microcosm of Investment

    Poker: Microcosm of Investment

    9 years ago

    A fictional account based on my first Texas Hold'em tourney at the Borgota in Atlantic City, N.J. It compares the playing of poker with the general idea of investing in a product; in poker the product is yourself. Also, it shows how luck factors into investing, by the results of one card flipping...

  • Rays of Hope

    Rays of Hope

    10 years ago

    A Haiku I wrote in a card that was sent out to a troop.

  • The Back Alley Treatment

    The Back Alley Treatment

    9 years ago

    A short story involving an unusual dream-like treatment to shock a patient back from a coma. The twisted dream becomes a horrifying reality for the patient. Will it be enough to shock the patient back from the coma though?


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