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Longboard Surfing Videos

Updated on November 20, 2010

Longboard Surfing Videos (Surf Training)

These days learning to surf or improving your surfing ability is as easy as finding some surfing videos online and studying them. I watch videos before I go surfing. I focus on one aspect of my surfing that I want to improve. I watch longboard surfing videos more because I did not learn to surf on such a big surfboard.

Its not really a secret that the surfers that study other surfers excel in the sport. Surfing is competitive and even after surfing for 30 plus years I haven't learned all the tricks. When I was living in Florida I was fortunate enough to work at the beach that had many pro contests.

While Florida is not known for its pro contests or great waves, I was able to glee plenty of good usable information from World Class Pro Surfers. Especially because I do not compete against them. I received instruction from many pro surfers that either lived in Florida or competed there.

My surfing ability improved fast and my knowledge of the sport grew. You can do the same thing that I did. Well it will be even better for you because you can just watch videos like I do now. You can watch almost any surfer up on utube.

I have picked a few of the surfing videos that I enjoy on this hub. Its important to be respectful of everyone on the beach and in the water.

Surfing is not about who can rip or who can catch the most waves in one day. Its about something different for every surfer. Allow yourself and other people to define their own life through surfing.

Strive to be a better person through understanding and connecting with creation through the wonderful activity of surfing.

Longboard Surfing Women

Guys being guys most of them might not want to admit that they learned to surf from a girl. Well these days there are plenty of women surfers that surf as well or better that the average guy.

Seriously! Me being older I have had plenty of good fortune and I have been able to forget if it was a women or a man that is teaching me how to surf.

I spent a whole summer watching Leah surf and watching her teach kids how to surf. I also got to surf with her everyday. Just surfing with someone who is good at what they do is confidant and has a good attidue tword life can change the way you see everything.

Sort of like choose your heroes type of a thing. I know alot of pro surfers and I would have to say that Leah is my favorite. She is a great surfer and a real cool lady.

Watch my friends Leahs video and you will see what I mean!


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