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Catch more Waves

Updated on March 16, 2011

How to Catch more Waves

Catching more waves isn't the goal of every surfer. Some surfers are waiting for the perfect wave for them to ride. When they catch a few of the best set waves in an hour or so, they are satisfied and the surf session is over for them.

When I started surfing more than 30 years ago my main goal was to catch as many waves as I could.Well even today I have similar goals. I like to catch as many waves as I can.

Several factors come into play when we are talking about catching waves. For me I have narrowed these main wave catching factors down to three main points.

#1. Physical and mental shape Are you physically and mentally ready for the challenge of surfing.

#2.Your knowledge of the surf break

I study a surf break , the more you know about where you are going to surf the more likely you are to catch waves.

#3.Surf board shape and size.

This could go along with studying your surf break, Most of the places I surf I study the type of surfboards that are being used.

If you are really good at any one of these you can learn to catch more waves any where. I surf with guys that surf on the totally wrong surfboard shape and catch lots of waves because they know the surf break and are in great shape.

My secret is I am in pretty good shape, I know the surf breaks that I surf often very well. And Yes And I have my own formula for choosing surfboards that catch more waves than the average surfer. Its not that I am a better surfer its just I have to work harder at it.

When I was learning to surf it was difficult to gain in site on surfing I wanted to learn to surf a certain way but there was really no where that you could learn. Today we have the internet, I am still learning about surfing everyday buy watching surfing videos and reading articles as you are.

I write because I like to share my knowledge with surfers and it makes a little income that helps keep me surfing almost everyday!


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  • TylerCapp profile image

    TylerCapp 7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

    I love what you're doing. Read a couple of your articles already. Keep it up.

    Personally, I learned to surf with whatever I could get my hands on. I'd paddle onto whatever wave I could, in whatever conditions. Just went out as much as I could. I find that if you surf on a board that's not good for the conditions, or take waves that are not the "perfect wave", then you learn better. Taking a drop that's hard and learning to make it, then you'll just do better on the perfect waves. Personally, I started surfing not on a soft top but on a 7' gun. Good times.