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The best replacement for Wayne Rooney

Updated on November 13, 2010

The replacements

A week ago Wayne Rooney expressed his desire to leave Manchester United for he wants to play for a team that can actually win a lot of trophies. Man. United fans must have been sadden by Rooney's sudden decision to leave but United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was already looking for replacements to Wayne Rooney, that's if Rooney leaves.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The big Swede has always impress Sir Alex Ferguson. A tall and powerful football player, Ibrahimovic can just be the perfect replacement for Wayne Rooney. Just like Wayne Rooney Ibrahimovic knows what to do with the ball. He has a great control, he is quick, he is a great passer and has amazing skills very much like Rooney has. And his major strength is scoring goals. Success would not be a problem for Ibrahimovic because whatever team he plays for he wins trophies so if he is the best replacement for Wayne Rooney, the Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a perfect replacement.

Samuel Eto'o

The Inter Milan striker is a true goalscoring machine. He is great with the ball and speed is his biggest strength. If he will replacement Wayne Rooney in Man. United, Eto'o will bring to the team quickness, toughness, aggressiveness and trophies; the fact that he did win the Champion League trophy three times, two at his time in Barcelona and in 2010 with Inter Milan. As for Sir Alex Ferguson, the main goal is to win the Champions League and if he could sign Eto'o then for sure Ferguson will have a lot more champions league trophies in his resume. 

Fernando Torres

Sir Alex Ferguson has always been a great admirer for the Spanish and Liverpool striker. He tried signing him up while he was still playing for Atletico Madrid but choose Liverpool over Man. United. Signing Torres would be the best replacement for Wayne Rooney. Torres is skillful, quick and he is one smart with the ball. He knows how to position himself and score goals. However, with the lack of trophies, he will taste trophies if he signs for Manchester United. Torres would fit very well into the team.

Karim Benzema

Once a summer signing target for Sir Alex Ferguson in 2009. The young Frenchman is considered to be the next Eric Cantona. He is strong, he is great with the ball and he has an instinct to score goals. However, he is now out of favor since he signed for Real Madrid 2009, you see him more on the bench than on the field where he belongs. But if Wayne Rooney leaves Manchester United, Benzema is the man for Ferguson. He is not getting a lot of playing time for Real Madrid but for sure Ferguson will like to play him every game. 

Diego Forlan

One of Ferguson's boys back in the day. Forlan actually took more than five months to find the net for Man. United and since then he got use to the Premiership and just started scoring. He is a true talent, he has great skills with the ball, he is quick and he can score goals with either with his right or left foot does not seem to fail him. Pretty sure if Rooney leaves, Ferguson can sign him up again and this time Forlan will not disappoint Ferguson and United. 

Sergio Aguero

The son-in-law of Diego Maradona is wanted by Chelsea and Manchester United. Ferguson would love to sign the young Argentinian because he loves to see young talented players play for United, also he sees a similarity between Aguero and Rooney. They are both good with their feet, quick, smart, pass, create goal opportunities and they both can score goals. Those are the kind of elements Ferguson is looking for in Aguero just in case Rooney leaves Manchester. Aguero for would fit into the United roster and he would be lining up with the best young talents in the United team. 

Luis Suarez

With his impressive run in the 2010 World cup, Luis Suarez helped Uruguay into the semifinals. The World Cup saw what a talent Suarez has. He is a keen player. From left to right, he took on every defender that he faced. He is quick, he can shot with both feet either from close or far range. He can pass and create a lot of chances. He positions himself very well and he knows how to help his team. Suarez would have a great career in a United shirt and for sure he would taster glory if he would be the perfect replacement for Wayne Rooney

Wesley Sneijder

After playing in a World Cup final, Wesley Sneijder was in the tracking list of Manchester United. However, he decided to stay in Inter Milan. Sneijder's performance in the World Cup was amazing and Ferguson was impressed. He helped his team reach the finals but came short against the Spanish team. Sneijder is a great ball handler, he can play both flanks, a playmaker, a great crosser, he can shot from long range and he is tireless player. Ferguson likes a player than can give more than 100 percent ever match and Sneijder is the perfect match. 

These players are all the best suitors for Rooney's replacement, but Rooney has not left Man. United yet. However, if he does then these players will be a perfect fit because they seem all identical to Wayne Rooney's style of play. In fact, Manchester United are still keeping an eye on these players where in the near future would be a Man. United player. 


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