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The Hat.................Best Invention Ever

Updated on March 13, 2013
Love Your Hat Babe
Love Your Hat Babe

The best invention ever is the baseball cap. At least from a guy's point of view. I'm sure the lonely guys out there say Roxxxy is the best invention ever, but I disagree. I shall try to make you all understand.

It's just a hat. Like any other hat it goes on your head. However, unlike any other hat it has many different uses.

Of course it's a fashion statement. It comes in thousands of colors and styles. So finding one that doesn't clash with your style should be easy. Although I've seen people wearing a cap and have wondered what they were thinking.

A cap is an advertisement tool. You can print anything on a cap. Ever see a cowboy hat with advertising on it? The Fedora perhaps? I don't believe so. Only the baseball cap looks good with ads on it. Just like a T shirt, you can let the world know you're with stupid.

Team support is another function of the cap. Jersey's are expensive. A team cap only costs about twenty dollars. You can announce your loyalty to any pro team. Amazingly you can support your child's team or your drunk Sunday morning softball team.

Baseball caps are ice breakers at social functions. Someone is bound to strike up a conversation if you're wearing the same hats. Want to meet a woman? Just print your pick up line on the front of your hat.

They provide protection from the sun. That bald spot will never get sunburn. The brim will keep the sun out of your eyes. I've even seen people wearing the caps backwards to avoid sun damage to the back of their necks. Who needs any sunscreen above the neck? Not a guy or girl with a baseball cap.

Some men are just as obsessed with their hair as a woman.A women will spend hours getting it just right. A man's solution? Just put the cap on. Tuck the offensive hairs underneath, and no one will know what's going on. Of course if at some point you have to remove your hat, your screwed.

It can make you look and act stupid. You can accomplish this by wearing your hat backwards or sideways. People do this intentionally which is surprising, considering only those following you can read the hat. These are the same people that can't tie their shoes or keep their pants up. I'm thinking that since you can't read the hat they want you to be able to see the logo on their underwear. Or maybe babies still eat lead paint and this is what they become. Either way, it's sad.

It can hide things. If you ever find yourself outside naked it's the perfect size to cover your privates (A woman will need to borrow more hats. This is a guy thing). Naturally you'll still be displaying a full moon, but that's the lesser of two evils. What? This never happened to you? Drink enough and it will. Trust me.

Of course the baseball cap has evolved with time. There are may options you can get when purchasing a cap. You can select color, style,and message. You can go economy and get one size fits all, or luxury and buy the fitted hat. They come with air conditioning, fake hair, even cup holders for your beer. Leather or cloth.There are thousands of aftermarket products you can get to continually change the look of your hat.

I don't care what you say. The baseball cap is the best invention. If I have my cap with me on a deserted island, I'll survive. It's a cloth version of the Swiss Army Knife. It can be used as a net for fishing. It will carry things. It will even help you start a fire......... once anyway.

You can mess with my money or my woman. Just leave the baseball cap alone.

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