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5 Most Exotic Watches for Women

Updated on May 22, 2014
Beaded exotic watch
Beaded exotic watch

Looking different

What you wear on your wrist is a very important part of your overall dressing style. It is however often noticed, that women do not give a lot of importance to their watches, and wear the same mundane ones all the time. It is high time that you start making sure your timepiece is in no way less trendy and fashionable than the rest of your clothing. With advances in technology of design, the watches you can buy today come in myriad shapes, and the really exotic ones are becoming increasingly affordable too.

Let me present to you 5 of the most exotic watches that you can buy, wear them proudly, and inspire awe in your colleagues and friends.

AK Anne Klein Women's 109707WTSV Swarovski Crystal Silver-Tone Rectangular Shape Chain Bracelet Watch

This Swarovski crystal studded watch from Anne Klein is sure to turn heads. Made of brass, it comes in a shiny silvery avatar. It has a white dial and silver hour and minute hands, complementing each other very well. Despite the delicate look, it is rather hardy and very durable, as the crystals inside it are designed to last a very long time.
Goes well with dresses for formal occasions (blends perfectly with white dresses.) It exudes opulence and makes you feel royal. Well, but it doesn't really cost a lot. At just about $125, it is the most affordable watch on this list.

Stuhrling Original Women's Lifestyle 'Madame Nemo'

Crafted in Switzerland, this piece of art is made out of stainless steel. It is water resistant, and the strap is made of exotic leather made in France. It has a very high aesthetic appeal, and goes well with party wear and formal wear. The bright colors and the exotic cuts on the dial, along with the crystals studded on the borders, give it an out of the world look. At a price tag of $280, this is quite a bargain for so many features.

Gucci Women's YA112511 Twirl Watch

A stunningly beautiful watch, crafted with swiss precision, it is hard to not give it a second look. Built like a bracelet, with a small dial, it is perfect to show off your girlish nature, while staying classy. It features a white dial, with small crystals studded on the periphery. The silvery strap too is designed excellently. Priced at slightly less than $1000, this watch is rather on the high-end, and is for the really fashion conscious women.

Swisstek Women's SK81902L Serpentine Pink Sapphire and Rose-Gold-Plated Limited Edition Watch

Alright, so if you thought the above watches were good, you are in for a big surprise. This watch features a serpent studded with pink sapphires on its dial. And it has 94 of those 1.88 carat natural saphires. The watch itself is built of stainless steel and has a beautiful leather strap. It is so gorgeous, it will surely be priced by collectors and art aficionados.
This really different looking watch, is a limited edition watch from Swisstek, so order it while stocks last (only 100 of these were ever made.)

Chanel J12 Quartz Ladies Watch H0968

This is an expensive masterpiece, that has a white ceramic case and large dial. The large dial features hour and date markers. It also has a thick white bracelet, with a double locking foldover. It is water resistant, and has swiss quartz precision. The bezel again is made out of an advanced white ceramic. Priced at over $4000, it could be your most priced possession if you decide to buy one, but one which you will surely cherish for a very long time.


So, with such a beautiful variety of watches out there, I think it is time, you leave your old watches in the cupboard and get yourself one of these exotic pieces of art, and make sure you turn some heads.


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