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Amazing Drug Store Finds - Cheap Beauty Thrills

Updated on March 30, 2015

Amazing Drug Store Gems!

Trust me ladies, I love Sephora and the make-up department of Nordstrom just as much as any fashionista out there. However, once in a while its feels good to purchase a fantastic beauty item without sticker-shocking your credit cards. I completely understand that certain beauty products are worth its value (*lancome liquid eyeliners $28), but over the years of my extensive make-up/beauty product searches, I've discovered many extraordinary products from drug-stores.

I actually would prefer these items to the $85 La Mer creme!

Ok, here are (some) of my FAVORITE drug-store buys:

1. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

All hail Saint Ives! This is definitely my absolute fav. drugstore item of all time. I use this scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. It leaves my skin polished, healthy and removes all the dirt and oil in my pores. (ew, I know) My roommate has also said that it completely removed all the blackheads and prevented acne.

Price: $4

Where to buy: ANY drugstore

2. Softsoap Nutra-Oil Body Wash

This stuff is amazing for its low pricetag. The more you shower, and especially if you like super HOT showers like I do, your skin gets robbed of the moisture it needs. This oil-based body wash is great for trying to keep the moisture in. No more dealing with that dry skin on your legs.

Price: $4

Where to buy: Probably any drugstore or grocery store

3. E.L.F. Eyelash Curler

In choosing this product, I am sharing one of the most valuable and money saving tips in the beauty-world. This is a seriously high quality eyelash curler. The grip is amazing, the base is perfect and it even closes on an angle because our eyelashes are half-moon shaped. It is a stupendous bargain at only $1!? Yes its no Shu Uemera product, but trust me this one comes uber close and for $18 less!

Price: $1

Where to buy: or Target!

4. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Move over Angelina Jolie, we common-folk now have our hands on Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation lipgloss.This gloss is shiny, very sheer and it will plump your lips. It has a very minty/cooling feeling and is very shiny. Naturally it's in competition with Lip Fusion's lip plumpers; But at $36 dollars a pop, I know which one I'm getting!

Price: $6.99

Where to buy: All Drugstores

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Cocoa Butter is known for healing stretch marks, I know. But there's nothing wrong in being preventative is there? The formula obviously contains cocoa and shea butter which is so rich, thick and luxurious you literally feel like you are being rubbed with a million dollars-- that is penetrating the skin and moisturizing all layers. You are also getting an antioxidant with the vitamin and it works as a skin regenerator. And of course, the elastin and collagen will reduce stretch marks and cellulite. NOT BAD for a $3.49 product.

Price: $3.49

Where to buy: Drugstores

In Conclusion

Is there really a need for one? I could not live without any one of these products. They are life savers! And truly drugstore gems, since they work miracles and at a low price.

And remember ladies, saving is sexy! (well, in a recession that is)


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