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How to Get Cheryl Cole's Hair

Updated on February 26, 2012

Miss Cheryl Cole is famous for her long gorgeous hair. How to get tousled curls like Cheryl's? We'll show you! Because Cheryl Cole changes her hairstyle often, we'll give you the step-by-step on how to style each hairstyle.

For the long wavy tousled hair that Cheryl sports at right.

1. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that delivers shine. Cheryl's mane is always healthy looking and shiny, never damaged. To get shine on the cheap, I recommend Panteen Pro-V formulas.

2. While your hair is still damp, apply some volumizing mousse before blow drying. Be sure to keep the mousse light, so it doesn't weight the hair down. Also apply a good amount of volumizing spray. This will keep the volume in. I like John Frieda's Root Lifter. (In the blue bottle)

3. Blow dry your hair with a round brush.

4. Now that your hair is dry, section off your hair into small, manageable sections. (Use clips if you have them.)

5. Use a medium thick curling iron (the thickness will depend on your hair length - 1/4 inch to 1 inch max) and start curling from the bottom up. Be sure to roll the iron all the way to the top without burning yourself! Finish curling all sections. Use a hairspray to set all the curls.

6. Flip your hair over, and shake it out. Use your fingers to "comb" through the curls.

7. Now for the teasing! Get a small comb and concentrate at the crown, or the top of the head. That is where you want your volume. Start combing down on the root from under the hair. Use small sections! After finishing the teasing, brush down the hair with a regular comb. Give it another shot of hairspray and voila!

You now have Cheryl Cole hair!


Get Cheryl's Ponytail Hairstyle!

1. Use straight hair extensions that match your hair color.

2. Wash your hair and blow dry your hair straight using clipped sections. (Like the hairstyle steps above.) If you have a hard time blow drying your hair straight, you can use a straightening iron.

3. Attach your hair extension only after your hair is dried and straightened! Comb your natural hair into the extensions, so that they appear more blended.

4. Spray volumizing mousse and root lifter to the hair. Be sure to concentrate on the crown of the hair.

5. Tease (backcomb) at just the roots of the top of the hair. (Follow teasing instructions from above).

6. Using a flat comb and hairspray, bring together all of the hair EXCEPT for the teased crown hair and tie with a hair tie.

7. Use your comb to comb and lift up the teased hair up front and use bobby pins to pin the hair back into the ponytail. Do not pin flat. Create a smooth bump using the root lifter. Secure hair with hairspray.


Cheryl Cole's Hairstyle 3

Cheryl Cole is a famous singer with an entourage of hairstylists, make-up artists and stylists. But Miss Cole got her fabulous red hair from an 8.99 Loreal Box. I'm not joking gals, this X-factor judge bought a box of Loreal Casting Creme Gloss Shade in Mahogany #550! So you can get the Cheryl Cole look yourself for under 10 bucks! Rhianna dyed her hair red immediately after Cheryl, and had to insist on Twitter that she was not being a copycat!

When dying your hair, be sure that your hair is dry. Do not leave the formula on for longer that it states and DO buy a conditioning treatment for colored hair, as you don't want the damages from dying hair such as split ends!


Cheryl Cole with Bangs!

When wanting bangs, I always ALWAYS recommend going to a salon. There are just too many easy traps for messing up your hair. And you will certainly NOT be happy. When doing a straight bang, your hairdresser will know how to keep the ends soft and feathery so they don't appear so blunt.

To achieve Cheryl Cole's sleek look, use a straightener that shines! Be sure to use a ceramic, preferably one with tourmaline. After, apply a shine serum. For a cheap one that'll do the trick, try Garnier!

When styling your bangs at home, don't straighten. They'll look too blunt. Keep them natural by combing them slightly inward when blow drying.


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