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Azurite Gemstone - The Mystical Healing Stone

Updated on October 21, 2015
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Azurite Gemstone
Azurite Gemstone

Azurite Gemstones Information

Azurite is a blue colored stone formed from the oxidation of copper ores. It is a feldspathoid and a member of the sodalite group. It is normally found in Electric blue, blue green and turquoise colors. The name of this stone is derived from the Persian word ‘lajward’ which means ‘blue’. The other names associated with Azurite are Blue Bice, Blue Verditer, Mountain Blue, Armenian stone and Azurro Della Magna. It has a Mohs Hardness of 3.5 with a monoclinic crystal structure and is found in many parts of Europe.

The chemical formula of Azurite mineral is Cu3 (CO3)2(OH) 2. It is normally found along with Malachite. Because of its color Azurite was used for creating blue pigment for paints and fabric dyes throughout the renaissance and the middle Ages. The blue color in the Michelangelo Painting in the Sistine Chapel is most likely azurite. Ancient Egyptians also used azurite for eye makeup and wore this beautiful stone as jewelry. The intense color of azurite makes it a popular collector's stone. This precious mineral is best kept in cool and dark environments as bright light and heat can reduce the intensity of its color over time. Also, because of its low hardness Azurite can get damaged if not handled with care. Azurite is also not suitable to be used in aquatic media such as saltwater aquariums.

Azurite is often referred to as the stone of heaven and is associated with the third eye and Heart Chakra. It is also associated with Planet Venus. It is a good stone for those born under the Zodiac Signs of Taurus, Capricorn and Sagittarius. However, it is not a traditional birthstone for any month.

Healing Property and availability of Azurite

Does this stone have healing and mystical properties? Azurite is a healing stone and a great stone to hold when learning how to meditate. Placing it on the third eye chakra during meditation will open up the inner vision. The emotional healing aspects of this stone can range from soothing anxiety to lowering anger and depression. This stone can be used as a calming stone for stress, worry, grief, fear and sadness. Azurite crystals will enhance psychic abilities and also assist in cleansing the mental body. Azurite is also said to enhance inspiration, creativity, memory, concentration and intuition within the mind. Azurite balances both left and right sides of the brain to awaken intuition and awareness. It is a good stone to stimulate an increase in communication skills. It is also an excellent stone for students who are studying for exams as it makes one more receptive to retaining information. It is a good stone for those who want to move on or let go of old.

This gemstone can be used to align all the 7 chakras and to clear toxins from the body. It is used for the relief of pain, especially in the joints. This stone is used to treat problems related to a dysfunctional throat chakra such as sore throats, neck ache, thyroid problems, hearing problems and asthma. It is also said to be helpful in healing arthritis or rheumatism. It is said that using azurite gemstone elixir to cleanse the skin after exposure to the sun can help prevent skin cancer and dry skin. Wearing azurite crystal jewelry like necklace, bracelet or anklet can help purify the blood and cleanse the liver thereby reducing the chances of skin problems. Azurite is found mostly in copper mining areas like Australia, Chile, France, Russia, Africa, Egypt, Peru, Namibia and China. Stones from Chessy area near Lyons in France are known as Chessylite.

Crystal Healing with Azurite

Azurite Stone
Azurite Stone

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