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The Best Facial Skin Care Regimen For You

Updated on August 14, 2009

Do you have young skin or aged skin, dry skin or oily skin, clear skin or blemished skin, dark skin or light skin, rough skin or smooth skin, tanned skin or pale skin? This article will explore techniques and treatments that can be used to develop the best facial skin care regimen for you.

Homeostasis is a medical term used to define the optimal body state or condition. Homeostasis occurs when each of the systems within the body are functioning as they should independently and with each other. When a condition arises that causes any of these processes to get out of balance, sickness or disease occurs. For instance, if the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, diabetes sets in. If the arteries get clogged, heart disease follows.

The secret to maintaining beautiful healthy facial skin is a good balance of diet, exercise, environment, healthy habits, and adhering to the best facial skin care regimen designed for your skin. If a problem occurs that throws the integumentary system out of balance, you can break out with acne, the skin can age prematurely, wrinkles may appear, the skin may develop a leathery appearance, or worse yet - basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma may develop.

Besides this article, there are many places you can go to online to find great advice and tips about the best facial skin care treatments. A couple of my favorites are Rhonda Allison and Only Yourx.

Facial Skin Care Regimen
Facial Skin Care Regimen

What Type Of Skin Do You Have?

Women typically visit their favorite hair stylist about once a month. Well, actually this isn't just a matter of getting one's hair done. It is a matter of capturing the full body makeover experience from head to toe. Oh, to feel the pleasure of getting your nails manicured, feet massaged, face peeled, and body wrapped. Throw in the extra personal advice for free and you're talking nirvana. What's ironic is that this actually may end up being more of an out of body experience so to speak.

Depending on their budget, some women may skimp on one or more of these services. Some may feel that the service is not worth it, especially in a tighter economy. But I'm sure no one, man or woman, would turn down any of these services if it was offered at a steep discount or for free. Once you've been pampered by a day at the spa, this is something that you would like to continue to experience time and time again. It's like getting that first taste of chocolate. It's something you can do without, but sure would like to get as many tastes as you can.

There are certain experiences in life that we tend to avoid more than others. Take me for instance. I have no problem visiting Universal Studios, Islands of
Adventure, and City Walk time and time again, but as for a trip to the doctors office - I will avoid this like the plague. That being said, I do realize there are times that I really do need to see a doctor. Normally that is when I am either extremely sick or for an annual checkup to make sure there or no problems that I am not aware of.

Just as I should see a doctor annually for a checkup, you should see a trained esthetician at least once every three months or as the seasons of the year change. You owe it to yourself to get your skin analyzed and to get educated on proper facial skin care. She will maintain a detailed record of your skin history and can check for any abnormal skin growths or skin problems that may have developed since the last appointment or as the seasons or environmental conditions changed.

Your esthetician will be able to give you a clean bill of health for your skin or may offer a series of treatments or medications if needed. If your budget is tight, she will try to work with you to offer treatments at a reduced rate and recommend more inexpensive products that are suitable for the necessary skin care regimen that you need - a win-win solution for all involved.

Each skin type requires a special daily facial skin care regimen. If there are unique circumstances specific to your skin such as having an occasional breakout with pimples, severe acne, you are pregnant, diabetic, have a hormonal disorder, age spots, wrinkles, or rough skin, a targeted daily facial skin care regimen can be designed especially for you.

For some people, they can get by with buying generic facial care products or even use natural herbs from a health food store, but for most it is well worth the added investment of seeing an esthetician for their serious skin care needs. They want to have their skin analyzed, get any necessary treatments, and purchase products that are recommended or blended just for them.

Maintain A Balanced Diet
Maintain A Balanced Diet

Basic Skin Care - A Quick Review

Skin pigment is dark, light, or some variation in between. Skin types vary from dry to oily where somewhere in the middle may be considered normal. No matter what the skin pigment or type is or circumstances unique to your skin, the general skin care regimen and guidance is the same. Let's take a look at the basic skin care steps that need to be part of your daily facial skin care regimen.

You need to clean your face twice a day, normally once in the morning before dressing and once in the evening right before bed. Clean your face properly using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Always add a sunscreen when cleaning your face in the morning. This will help your skin build up a tolerance to the suns ultraviolet rays when outdoors. Try to keep your hands away from your face the rest of the day.

Wash your hands regularly throughout the day, especially after they become soiled for whatever reason and before leaving the restroom. Avoid touching other skin on your body or putting your hands near your mouth unless they are clean. Get in the habit of using an anti-bacterial soap.

Wash your hair at least two to three times a week. Keep your bed sheets and pillows laundered on a regular basis and replace once a week. Replace facial and body towels once a week as well. Remember, even though you would like to keep your sheets, pillows, and towels clean, your skin could also have an allergic reaction to or be irritated by the laundry soap or fabric softeners used.

Attempt to sleep on your back. It might not do wonders for any snoring problems, but it can minimize facial skin aging from any creases that develop from sleeping on your face. If you have acne, it also reduces the contact your face has with your pillow and any chance of spreading the acne.

Start off the day with a nice walk, jog, or run to get the juices flowing. This will help to clean out the pores and let them breath - to let the skin naturally hydrate. Follow this up with a healthy breakfast (maybe try to get some oatmeal in there for you high cholesterol folks) to get the body metabolism going.

Eat a proper diet. Yes, no one is perfect and everyone deserves to treat themselves to a certain desert of their choice or even a greasy hamburger once in a while, but for the most part, try to stick to eating mostly nutritious foods. Do this not only to keep your skin healthy, but to keep the rest of your body healthy and to keep those dreaded extra pounds off as well. Remember that balance deal I talked about earlier? Be aware that you can have an allergic reaction to eating some foods which may cause your face to break out with pimples.

Eat baked, broiled, or grilled fish two to three times a week. If you don't like fish, take an Omega-3 or Omega-6 supplement daily. Make a concerted effort to eat at least four servings of vegetables and fruits a day. Try to avoid coffee or, better yet, switch to tea. Drink six to eight 8 ounce glasses of water every day. If you are exercising regularly, this is very easy to do.

I know most people like to indulge in an alcoholic beverage on occasion and actually a glass of wine during a meal can help the food digest better and contains some beneficial anti-oxidants, but don't overindulge and don't drink at all if you are on a prescribed medication.

Your environment has a big affect not only on your skin, but your overall health as well. You need to live in a safe environment free of pollutants in the air. Please avoid cigarette smoking altogether and stay away from areas where there is a lot of cigarette smoke in the air.

Never go out during the day unless you have applied a sunblock or sunscreen to your exposed skin. If you will be working out in the yard, playing golf or another outdoor sport, or doing any activity outdoors where you will be exposed to direct sunlight, wear large sunglasses with UV filters and a hat, cap, or bonnet to attempt to minimize the effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Even if it is cloudy outside, you can still get sunburn. It is really best to avoid direct sunlight from 10AM to 3PM. Remember to reapply sunscreen after swimming.

Stress affects you in so many ways and, yes, it is easier said than done when recommending that you avoid stress. But at least try to keep stress to a minimum. Just as there are ways to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations, there are ways to control stress.

Many people have hormonal inbalances to some degree. As always, see your primary physician or specialist for the proper treatment to keep the condition in check. Please inform your esthetician or dermatologist of any medical issues that you have. These issues and any prescribed medications could significantly impact the treatment given to you.

Blocked Skin Pore
Blocked Skin Pore

Best Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin condition where a pore or follicle becomes clogged with dead skin cells. There may also be a buildup of excess oil secreted by the sebaceous gland to further compound the issue. Add bacteria to the equation and the acne becomes inflamed and the condition may progress to cystic acne. The situation may even worsen when the immune system tries to kill the bacteria. If the follicle wall breaks down, the body attempts to replace the damaged cells with collagen. If this natural body recovery campaign doesn't go well, acne scarring will result.

An esthetician can help to treat acne. If the situation is extremely severe, then a dermatologist should be consulted. If there is scarring, a plastic surgeon may also be consulted and you will need to research the best way to get rid of acne scars.

For getting rid of acne, an acne clearing regimen can be added to your normal face skin care routine based on your skin type. It is important to exfoliate dead skin cells and try to keep the sebum production in check. Most people do not realize it, but acne requires moisture, even for oily skin. This helps the dead skin cells stay soft so they can exfoliate naturally and prevents the sebaceous gland from producing more sebum.

Added treatments may be needed that use products designed to penetrate the pores and disperse any buildup or clogging. A deep cleansing massage may be appropriate and extractions may be necessary before an application of antibacterial serums is applied. A therapeutic mask may be added to finish the process for soothing comfort.

For your daily cleaning regimen, your cleanser may be changed to a benzoyl acne wash. A pumice cleansing scrub could be added to induce added exfoliation. A benzoyl peroxide 5% or 10% solution will be added along with a moisture balancer. A whitening serum, hydrocortisone, and/or healthy skin vitamins may also be included depending on the severity of the condition. If a person is allergic to benzoyl peroxide or prefers not to use it, cleansers, toners, and acne clearing solutions that use salicylic or glycolic acid can be substituted.

There have been instances when using a combination of products containing glycolic and salicylic acids have proven to be quite effective. Microdermabrasion, oxygen treatments, and skin peels when combined with this daily regimen have shown to improve acne conditions as well.

New Skin
New Skin
Aged Skin And Young Skin
Aged Skin And Young Skin

Best Treatment For Aging Skin

What causes skin to age? The aging process of your skin starts the day you are brought into the world. As a baby, your skin is smooth, supple, and all one color. Over time, your skin changes as it is affected by nutrition, health habits, hormones, and exposure to the environment. When necessary, your skin needs to protects itself against disease which also causes it to change.

Skin aging can be broken down into two types, intrinsic and extrinsic or photo-aging. Intrinsic aging is the normal or natural process of the skin's aging over time. Extrinsic aging is induced or from environmental causes such as the sun or weather. The signs of aging caused from extrinsic sources may not show up for years. Leathery skin or wrinkles may appear as the result of sun damage twenty years earlier.

Most of the intrinsic aging factors are hereditary. As a rule, a red-headed thin and fair skinned individual will show signs of aging much faster than someone with thicker darker skin. Of course, this will also depend on the amount of sun each is exposed to or the environment or climate each one lives in.

There are some intrinsic factors that affect us all. No one can escape the effect of gravity over time. You may hear older women complaining or joking about how gravity has caused their boobs to sag. Basically, the same thing causes skin over the entire body to sag. Simply put, the skin loses elasticity over time. Oh, that dreaded foe time is. And the years fly by ever so fast. Plastic surgery anyone?

Facial expression lines develop over time. You can see the smile lines, frown lines, or squint lines from a person who smiles, frowns, or squints frequently. Smokers get those lines around the mouth and eyes from utilizing the same facial muscles over and over again as they puff on a cigarette. Expression lines can even be produced after years of sleeping on your face and repetitively creating facial creases.

Signs of aging skin include sagging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or age spots, leathery or rough skin, and spider veins. For the most part, intrinsic or extrinsic skin aging can be minimized or controlled by following the basic skin care regimen tips mentioned previously. Multi vitamin and firming serums can be added to your daily skin cleansing routine to attain better results. Skin peel treatments work wonders with aging skin by sloughing off dead skin cells and rejuvenating new cell growth.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, some individuals are quite capable of maintaining proper skin care for themselves using generic cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc. bought at a local supermarket or drug store. Some women prefer using the facial products that are being pitched by a famous actress or model like Victoria Principal and Cindy Crawford. Some folks have been successful treating their skin and battling acne, aging skin, and wrinkles by just using vitamin treatments, tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe vera, or another organic skin care or natural remedy. What is the best facial skin care regimen for you?

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