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Blueberry and honey face mask

Updated on January 15, 2013

Refreshing face mask

The blueberries and honey face mask is a great hydrating and exfoliating mask. Blueberries and honey are not only yummy and nutritious they are also great for your skin. This mask only takes ten minutes to use making it great for even those with a tight schedule. You only need three ingredients that cost less than ten dollars, making this face mask also budget friendly. After using this mask your skin will automatically have a beautiful glow. For the best results try using the mask once a week.

Blueberries | Source

How to make the mask

What you will need

  • Handful of blueberries
  • Three spoon fulls of honey
  • Two spoon fulls of sugar
  • Small bowl
  • Warm wet wash cloth

Organic honey
Organic honey | Source

What to do next

Once you have everything you will be needing you can get started. First put the blueberries in the bowl and mash them up. Next add the honey mixing well. Then you add the sugar last. The mixture should be grainy and past like. After you mix it all together apply to your face evenly. Scrub the mask around a little before you let it settle. This allows the sugar to open your pores. Then let the mask set for ten minutes. To remove the mask wash your face gently with the warm wash cloth.

Why this mask works so well

Blueberries are great for your skin. They are full of antioxidants that pick up free radicals and other skin damage. They also have lots of vitamin E which is not only good for a healthy diet but good for your skin as well. Honey has natural antibiotic qualities that clean bacteria from your pores. Honey is also able to soak deep into your pores and seal in hydration. Another great quality honey has is the ability to loosen the bond between dead skin cells and new skin cells promoting new healthy skin growth. Sugar helps open up your pores to allow all of the vitamins soak in, this is why the use of sugar in face masks can be so helpful.

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