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Gemstone Bracelets

Updated on January 29, 2015

Gemstones are beautiful and attractive stones which are cut, polished and embedded into various jewelry designs. Putting on gemstone jewelry can be an excellent way to get the healing benefits from the gemstones, as well as for adding that classical touch to your personality. To know more about the healing properties of gemstones, you can check this hub of mine on Gemstone Healing.

You can choose to go for precious or semi-precious gemstones bracelets, according to what pleases you. This classification is decided on the fashion trend, specific demands and the rarity of a gemstone. For instance, Amethyst was once regarded as a precious gemstone, but now taken as a semi precious one. Earlier it was quite rare, but after getting large minerals of Amethyst at Brazil in early 19th century, the gemstone became quite abundant. The preciousness of a gemstone is also decided by its purity.

The best place, where you can easily find the extensive collection of gemstone bracelets online, is Amazon. On the right side you can find an artistic and classical collection of sterling silver gemstone jewelry bracelet.

Gemstone bracelets can work as amazing instrument to enhance your beauty, thereby adding a bit of class and grandeur to the wearer's persona. They can work as excellent gifts as well, a thing to feel special, beautiful and precious forever. These bracelets come in all ranges right from the crystal beaded pearl ones to the sterling silver, sapphire and diamond bracelets as well. You can find a wide collection of beautiful unique designer gemstone bracelets below. Following are various classifications of bracelet, which you can find according to your needs:

Bracelet for women (personal adornment)

A lovely beaded gemstone bracelet can work its best to make a girl feel special. Being a software engineer myself, the most prominent part of me, which I see almost whole day are my hands. A lovely gemstone bracelet, not only adds beauty to the monotonous look on my wrist, but also gives a sense of feel-good factor from within. Below are certain gemstone bracelets, which I found extremely beautiful and a must have for a girl:

Bracelet for Healing (Energy healing, auric cleansing, and chakra balancing)

Following are certain gemstone bracelets that can help you in getting healing benefits. To know more about gemstone healing check this hub of mine.

Emerald Birthstone Bracelet, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals

Reap the healing benefits of this amazing Emerald birthstone bracelet. This bracelet is handmade with precious black onyx gemstone beads and .925 sterling silver using Crystals. Can fit perfectly with your favorite jeans, or anything that matches the rich black onyx colored dress in your wardrobe. The amazing contrast of the rich black onyx and the dazzling crystals is unmatchable!

Chakra Anklets: Balancing Beaded Chakra Ankle Bracelets

Crystal and gemstone healing and balancing ankle bracelet has been created to balance the energy centers of your body. Chakra anklets can assist you in attaining balance of all 7 chakras i.e. the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. All the 7 gemstones embedded in this bracelet vibrate at a different frequency and align with one of the chakras. All together, they work perfectly as an overall balancing healing jewelry. The best way to get the healing benefits from this particular bracelet is that before you concentrate on any individual chakra, you should spend some time wearing a 7 chakra bracelet/anklet to bring each chakra into alignment.

Bracelet for Men (Personal Adornment)

The amazingly stylish and gorgeous men's bracelet can work perfectly as a unique and special gift. Now, with growng fashion trend, men's bracelets have also been evolved and designed to come in wide varieties. I have chosen some of the fantastic bracelets for men, which can be seen on the right side and below:

Buy a Gemstone Bracelet online

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