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Buy Knitted Scarves Online - Stylish & Warm Scarf Prices

Updated on September 13, 2011

If you are looking for nice warm knitted scarves then you are in the right place. As winter fast approaches and the temperature plummets a warm knitted scarf can be just what you need. In this article we review some of the best knitted scarves available, look where you can buy knitted scarves online, see if there is anywhere we can get you a good discount bargain and also check out the prices.

This article will review five scarves that are ideal for winter weather. They are all warm and cosy and of very good quality but all with their own unique characteristics. Then we will look where you can buy them online and see what the prices are. So basically this page will tell you everything you need to know about warm knitted scarves for both men and women.

Crinkle Knit Scarf

First up on our list then is this one, the Crinkle Knit Scarf. When looking for a scarf you obviously want it to be warm and look good at the same time. The Crinkle Knit Scarf achieves both those goals. This is by no means the warmest on our list but it may well be considered the softest. The scarf is made from acrylic material and has a very light feel to it. The crinkle style is quite fashionable and will look good with most outfits. The material is also stretchy and you can wear this scarf in a whole host of different styles.

This scarf comes in a few different colors such as teal, charcoal and plum. The scarf measures 48 inches long and 10 inches wide so you get a fair bit of material for your money. If you are looking for lightweight stylish knitted scarves then this one could well be just what you are looking for. With a reasonable price over on Amazon this is one that many people will be looking to snap up as winter approaches.

Fashion Carefree Chiffon Flowers Edge Knitted Long

If you want a really pretty knitted scarf then this one could be for you. This Dahlia scarf is made from acrylic and polyester and has some lovely flowers knitted into the design. Not quite as lightweight as our previous one but still very warm and cuddly. Seen to be very much a fashionable scarf this one has a rather unique look to it, the flowers and the tasselled ends give it a lovely graceful look. Again, this would not be considered the warmest on our list but it is ideal for those chilly blustered days.

The Chiffon Flowers scarf measures 16 inches across and 65 inches in length, so that should be plenty long enough to give you the opportunity to try out a few different styles. There are six different colors to choose from which are black, white, violet, blue, camel and pink. This is one that is very popular and has had lots of excellent write ups. If you are looking for a stylish scarf that will be good for lots of different occasions then you can’t go far wrong with this one.

Colorful Stripes Tassel Ends Knitted Scarf

The first two knitted scarves we have looked at have really been aimed at women, this one however is more for men although I have seen a few women wearing these too. So this one is the Colorful Stripes Tassel End Knitted Long Scarf. Again made by Dahlia this is both warm and stylish. Made from 100% acrylic this has a wonderful warm snugly feel to it while being very warm at the same time. This one is a little more heavy duty so it really is perfect for wrapping up when the wind gets up and the temperature drops.

This scarf measures in at 12 inches across and 67 inches long. There are a few different colors available and each one has it’s own unique style and look. These are seen as very fashionable and as they are so long they can be worn it a few different ways. Although you don’t always see men wear knitted scarves as often as women, they have been getting more popular in recent years. So if you want a very good quality garment for a man then this one comes highly recommended.

Handmade Ultra Soft Acrylic

If you want something a little bit special then consider this one. This one comes from Patricia Avenue who specialise in handmade products. This one is hand knitted which means you are getting a very high standard of scarf. Made from acrylic this has an ultra soft feel to it. Quite a basic design in the more classic sense but still very stylish and modern. When you buy a handmade product you know it is going to last and this is very much the case with this one.

Although this is more expensive than our other knitted scarves it is of a higher quality and it will keep you super warm. This one comes in baby grey but there are a few other colors available if you shop around a bit. This one weighs a little more than the other ladies scarves we have looked at but that is not a bad thing as it means it is more substantial and will keep you even warmer.

Handmade Lightweight Scarf

For our final knitted scarf I though we would have a look at a more traditional design. This one is again Patricia Avenue and is again handmade which means it is of a very high standard. The open weave pattern on this one gives it a traditional feel and yet it still looks very stylish. This is a mixture of cotton and acrylic so as you would expect is has a very nice soft feel to it. This one measures 72 inches long so that’s plenty of length to wrap round in lots of different styles. Slightly more lightweight than the previous scarf we looked at but still very warm when worn in cold weather. Again this is a little more expensive than some of the scarves we have looked at but as it is hand made it does guarantee that it will be of a good quality.

So there you have it. Five of the best knitted scarves you will find anywhere. We have given you a few more possible options below and these are all good quality products to. There is something very comforting about wearing a knitted scarf when the weather starts to get colder. These would make the ideal gift for someone as the winter approaches or if you simply want to treat yourself then one of these would be perfect. With a knitted scarf you are sure to get high quality, warmth, comfort and look good at the same time.


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