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Celebrities without makeup before and after

Updated on May 20, 2013

celebrities without makeup

Most of us might have wondered sometime or the other, how do those beautiful celebrities actually look without make up. Internet can show you some of these real faces. But then internet pictures too can be deceptive, controversial, fake and what not whether they look beutiful or ugly.

Yet you cannot deny that makeup does wonders to your looks. Most of the celebrities unarguably look worse without their makeup. There are possible exceptions as well like Penelope Cruz, Drew Barrymoore, Halle Barry and Alicia Silverstone, that are beautiful to look at even without make up.

Celebrities are known to spend fortunes on their makeup. They cannot afford to look plain at least in public. So long as the the light of fame is focused on them, they must appear gorgeous. This is what they pay their stylists and makeup artists for. However, they perhaps fail to realize that most of them would look good anyway.

Any comparison of the celebrities with and without makeup pictures could perhaps be deceptive not only because internet is not a trustworthy media but also because the quality of a snap shot depends on a number of factors including light, camera, focus and lens man.

Yet good makeup and good photo do wonders to the overall look of a celebrity, as perhaps to any one.

Alicia Silverstone looks beautiful - with or without - makeup. However, a closer look exposes her oily skin with acne. Among those that look beautiful even without makeup are Hilary Duff - she looks fresh and younger without makeup - and Kirsten Dunst. She appears vivacious and cheerful sans makeup. She probably needs a light makeup to add to her zest.

Some of the celebrities might appear quite different without their make up. Britney Spears is almost unrecognizable without her makeup. The quality of her skin is poor with acne. You may have to watch Cindy Crawford from very close distance to recognize her, when she is without makeup.

While celebrities can rarely dare to face the world and camera without makeup for the fear of drop in their popularity value and image, they might surely be aware of the associated health hazards that go with beauty products.

On June 7, 2004 Environmental Working Group released “the results of a study of 7,500 brand-name products on a free website ( that for the first time lets consumers learn what chemicals are in their soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other products. The website provides product rankings of known and probable health hazards associated with ingredients in each of the 7,500 products assessed, including information on ingredients linked to cancer and reproductive harms.”

We may even feel proud to learn that the 71- year old Queen monarch appeared on TV to deliver Christmas Message, shunning special makeup tricks, unlike stars who would never want their creases to be caught up by high definition TV cameras. According to a Buckingham Palace Spokeswoman, “The Queen did not make any use of special make-up for HD television. She had the same stylists and make-up as she usually has, it was just as normal. Those who watch the programme will see her as she is.”


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