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Sheercover Makeup and Golden Shade

Updated on October 28, 2013

Sheer Cover Makeup is also known as organic makeup for the simple reason that it is really organic in its composition. It offers a number of advantages over the traditional makeup as a result, it is gaining wider popularity.

Sheer Cover Makeup or mineral makeup is barely 10 years into the market since 1998, when Leslie Blodgett, CEO Bare Escentuals presented mineral foundation concept on QVC, the giant marketing channel. Since then, mineral makeup has never looked back. It not only sold out but became QVC’s top selling beauty brand. Soon, a number of beauty brands entered into competition and the beauty market was flooded with Sheer Cover Makeup mineral products.

Some of those people who have used the products have found the products miraculous in effect. Those who complained of acne and other skin blemishes found these products especially suited to their needs.

Sheer Cover Makeup gives your skin a more elegant appearance and a natural look. Your face doesn’t look puffed up as with traditional makeup. The skin in fact appears lively, fresh and natural and relaxed because skin gets sufficient breathing. This is because Sheer Cover Makeup is composed of natural minerals pigments. These pigments use their natural properties to hide lines and wrinkles.

Sheer Cover Makeup works best on younger women whose skin quality is enhanced by the use of Sheer Cove Makeup. Women above 35 are advised to moisturize their skin well before using Sheer Cover Makeup; otherwise they might not be impressed by the advantages offered by Sheer Cover Makeup.

In Sheer Cover Makeup one must be careful in not using too much powder, quite in contrast to the liquid foundation applied profusely in traditional makeup. Older, mature and dry skin need still less powder otherwise the powder layer remain embedded on skin and shows off.

When going for Sheer Cover Makeup, you need to reorient the traditional makeup technique. After cleaning your face and applying the moisturizer you must ensure that your face is no longer wet. This would require you to wait a little longer till the moisturizer has been completely absorbed by the skin. Use a large brush to gently apply mineral powder uniformly on your face ensuring you don’t overdo it. Brush extra powder off your skin. Let the mineral blend naturally with your skin oil till your skin looks flawless and fresh.

The minerals in Sheer Cover Makeup protect skin from the impact of sun while hiding the skin blemishes and scars at the same time.

The website displays the following advantages of mineral foundation SPF 15 benefits:

- Helps to defend your skin from sun damage with SPF 15 protection.

- Contains pure minerals- feels lightweight and looks totally natural.

- Contains no preservatives, chemical dyes, fragrances, silicones, or talc.

- Provides complete coverage in just one step by incorporating both Foundation and Finishing Powder in one.

- Helps protect skin from oxidative stress and future damage with Green Rooibos Tea.

Sheer Cover Makeup products are free from lethal or harmful chemicals and minerals. Its primary ingredient is Zinc Oxide. The other ingredients are Boron Nitride, Bisabolol, Aspalathus Linearis Leaf Extract, and Green Rooibos Tea.


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    • profile image

      kavita shaw 6 years ago

      Sheer cover make up is absolutely amazing. I have a lot of pimple marks on my face and sheer cover works wonders on with out making my face feel yucky, sticky.

      I would call it wonder make up for all and works magic in every climate.


      Sheer Cover.

    • profile image

      sheercover makeup 8 years ago

      Hi! I like your page. Keep up the good writing! :)