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Cheap Liposuction is Available

Updated on June 3, 2013

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from the body. Fat can be removed by liposuction from the upper or lower abdomen, the arms or legs, the buttocks, the thighs, or just about anywhere else. When diets and exercise don’t work, people often turn to this cosmetic procedure. The popularity of liposuction has soared over the past decade. Both men and women are seeking out this procedure.

As with anything, people shopping for liposuction want to get the best price for what they receive. And there are a number of sources for cheap liposuction. Internet searches will turn up clinics and cosmetic surgeons who will perform the procedure inexpensively. You should use caution though in choosing a doctor to perform cheap liposuction. This is, after all, still a surgical procedure. You should make sure the clinic does high quality work and uses the best techniques, no matter what the price.

Cheap Liposuction makes looking good more available than before.
Cheap Liposuction makes looking good more available than before.

Finding Cheap Liposuction

Liposuction in the United States and Western Europe is usually not going to come cheap. You can certainly find clinics that will offer reduced prices on the procedure, and these can be good deals. Many clinics in the United States will also offer payment plans in which you can pay for your liposuction on monthly installments. This can be a good option for many people. But when we are talking about truly cheap liposuction, the prices in America and Europe are still high in comparison with those in other parts of the world. The cheapest liposuction will be found abroad.

For this reason, many people take what has come to be known as medical travel or beauty travel. Countries such as India, Thailand, and Argentina have clinics that perform liposuction much more cheaply than you will find at home. Even Eastern Europe, in such countries as Hungary, offer relatively cheap liposuction. The website can give you price comparisons for liposuction in various parts of the world. The site will provide average costs for different countries and ratings of procedure reputations. Free quotes are available.

How Liposuction is Priced

But whether you obtain liposuction treatment at home or in a foreign country, certain factors will determine the cost of the procedure. First of all, the part of the body that is being treated will influence the costs, with more difficult to treat areas obviously costing more. How cheap the liposuction is will depend on how much fat is to be removed as well. The costs will be higher for greater fat removal, and in some cases fat will be removed over several different procedures. Some newer, more-advanced procedures, such as the use of lasers, will be more costly.

You will also have to factor in such costs as operating room expenses, anesthesia, and aftercare. Of course, a clinic in New York City is going to charge more for liposuction than one in Ohio, so medical travel even within the United States might make sense, depending on where you live.

Getting the Best Cheap Liposuction

Liposuction is a medical procedure, and thus you should take care to use the services of only reputable doctors and clinics. A reputable doctor won’t try to talk you into cheap liposuction without giving you all the information available and answering all your questions. One question you should ask is how much experience the doctor and clinic have in this type of procedure. If possible, ask others who have gotten liposuction at that clinic how satisfied they are with the treatment.

Something to beware of when shopping for cheap liposuction is the hidden costs associated with financing. Sometimes the financing a clinic will offer you has interest rates that are so high you’ll end up spending a lot more for liposuction than at another clinic. Beware of balloon payments too, in which finance charges increase over time.

Also remember that health complications due to any surgery can be much more costly to treat than the procedure itself. This is another reason to make sure your doctor is experienced and reputable and will use sound medical practices.

Understand Your Cheap Liposuction Options

The bottom line is that cheap liposuction is available for those who do a bit of homework. Understanding your options is the best way to get a good deal for any service or product you are looking for. Cheap liposuction is no exception.


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    • healthbase profile image

      healthbase 7 years ago from Nashua, NH

      Yes, cheap liposuction is available. Not just liposuction, all sorts of major and minor medical care is now available at prices as low as 60% to 90% off of typical US hospital prices. This phenomenon is called medical tourism. For more information, check out