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Nonsurgical Liposuction, So Much Safer

Updated on June 6, 2013
Improve your appearance with nonsurgical liposuction!
Improve your appearance with nonsurgical liposuction!

Although over the past several years liposuction has become the number one cosmetic procedure for men and women who want to lose weight, there are many people who are uncomfortable with the idea. Liposuction the way it is usually practiced actually is a surgical procedure. It takes place in an operating room with an attending surgeon and his or her staff. When getting the procedure, you are under anesthesia. Cuts are made into the skin through which the fatty deposits are broken down and extracted. After surgery, time is needed for wound recovery and rehabilitation.

In other words, even though liposuction is completely safe in 9 out of 10 cases, it is still a serious procedure, with all the risks that any surgery entails. And for some people, these risks and complications aren’t worth it, although they would very much like the benefits of the procedure. For these people, there are a number of nonsurgical liposuction techniques that can work wonders for your appearance.

Kinds of Non-Surgical Liposuction

Thankfully, there are a number of nonsurgical, non-invasive liposuction alternatives. The first of these procedures involves the injection of certain kinds of chemicals or enzymes into the fat deposits beneath the skin. These substances work by breaking down the walls of your fat cells, literally dissolving the fat. After the fat is dissolved, it is naturally flushed from the body by way of the bloodstream and through the urine. Collegenase is one such substance that shows much promise as a type of nonsurgical liposuction. This enzyme occurs naturally in the body for breaking down fatty tissue. Application directly to fatty deposits helps to concentrate its liposuction-like ability.

Topical Creams and Ointments

For those interested in a type of nonsurgical liposuction that is even less invasive, there are many topical creams and ointments on the market used for fat ablation. These ointments are rubbed on the skin above areas of cellulite or fat deposits. The ingredients in these creams vary, as does their reported effectiveness, although some have very supportive advocates. Beauty magazines often report great success with this type of nonsurgical liposuction.

Heat Therapy

A third type of non-invasive liposuction is the application of heat to the skin above fatty deposits by means of low-frequency radio waves. This heating has a two-prong effect, both of which improve your appearance. First, the heat causes the skin to contract, thus reducing sagging and wrinkles. The skin has a tighter, more youthful appearance. Second, the heat works on the collagen layers beneath the skin. This collagen is a natural and necessary part of the body, but as you age or your body changes after pregnancy, it can begin to lose it shape and sag as well. The application of heat restores collagen cell-wall elasticity, ridding you of that dimpled appearance that can form on the thighs, arms, and elsewhere.

Vibration Therapy

Yet another type of nonsurgical liposuction involves the application of vibrations to fatty deposits. As in heat therapy, vibrations serve two separate functions. The first is to help break down excess fat so that the body can flush itself of the unneeded weight. Second, the vibrations applied to the collagen layer stimulate the cell walls, toning and rejuvenating the collagen to become more supple and shapely. A more vigorous and toned collagen layer acts as a scaffold for the overlying skin, therefore reducing sagging and the straightening out of wrinkles and folds.

Non-Surgical Liposuction: Body Contouring

Because these various techniques are non-invasive and non-surgical, they often fall under the name of body contouring. Fat deposits aren’t removed through surgery or other possibly disruptive means but rather are reshaped and reduced. Collagen and fat cell walls are restored to a youthful vigor and suppleness, resulting in a tightening and toning of skin. Because there is no surgery, no cuts made to the body tissues, and no anesthesia, recovery time is not necessary. Nonsurgical liposuction gives you all the benefits of liposuction—including a better appearance and higher self esteem—without any of the attendant risks. It’s beauty a more natural way!


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