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Cheap and Unique Animal Ear Gauges, Religious and Symbolic Ear Plugs

Updated on January 11, 2019

Gauges as an Expressive Art Form

Ear gauges are a time tested method of expressing yourself, and many wearers of ear gauges simply do not want to settle for the same old jewelry that everyone else wears. Mass produced plastic gauges like the ones that are commonly seen at Hot Topic and other similiar stores are not what some wearers are looking for.

For people with a more unique, stylized taste, a once in a lifetime pair of gauges may be more important than material, or even price. For some, purchasing and owning a pair of plugs that no one else will ever be able to have is very important. Others simply do not wish to follow the same old trends, and wish to set themselves apart.

Ear gauges, tapers and earlets are not just objects. Many view them as art forms in and of themselves, and artisan create beautiful ear gauges for the discerning buyer to choose from.

Many of these ear gauges are made by hand, or hand painted. Others are formed from clay, glass, bone, or polymer clay. Certain artisans create a mold for their ear gauges, and only use the mold once, ensuring that the customer recieves a truly one of a kind pair of ear gauge jewelry.

Gauges of this sort can be more pricey than mass produced gauges, but they can also leave the owner feeling much more satisfied with their purchase, as well as their fashion statement. People care about their appearance, perhaps not in a superficial way, but in a spiritual way.

Many people see the jewelry and their ear gauges as an important representation of themself, and they do not want to be respresented as common, or mass produced.

For ear gauges and tapers that are as unique as you are, I have compiled a list of some of my personal favorites. These ideas can point you in the right direction, and give you an concept of the possibilities that are out there for ear gauge creation.

Symbolic and Representative Ear Gauges

Ear gauges are made to represent many religions, cultures and beliefs, and there are plenty of gauges produced to represent these ideals.

Since the beginning of time, people have created stories and believed in various aspects of being as relating to the gods or creation. People have told stories and myths though the generations, and today these legends are still revered and passed from person to person.

Whether you identify with Native American, Buddhist, Indian or Christian values, or something a little more obscure, the grace and wisdom of whatever you believe can be captured and represented in a pair of beautiful gauges.

Animal Gauges

People have been using animals as totems for a very long time, and people have always used animals to represent their spirits. There is a great deal of symbolism in many cultures and religion, as well as myths and stories relating to animals. They can be seen as powerful allies, as well as destructive enemies. They can represent power, grace, and wisdom.


In some mideastern cultures, the owl is seen as the gaurdian of the afterlife as well as the night. They are said to see souls, as well as keep them safe and help them transition from the living to the afterlife. The goddess Athena in Ancient Greece was attributed to the owl.


Natives Americans have long seen the wolf as a teacher, or a pathfinder. They have been used to represent different clans, and in totems. Although many people see wolves as frightening and fierce, in nature they are extremely intelligent as well as social animals who groups together in families.

The Unicorn

The unicorn has always been a creature of mysticism and is represented in many different cultures around the world. It is consistently seen as beautiful, mysterious, and very hard to tame or capture, and represents elusive beauty and grace.

Precious and Rare Stone Gauges

Precious stones have coincided with religious ceremonies for ages, and have held many powerful meanings for people all over the world, no matter their culture or religion.


Since ancient times, the people of Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Tibet have seen Turquoise as representing purity. It is an ancient symbol of the sky because of its beautiful shade of blue.

Opal/ Opalite

Opal is the birthstone for October, and its name comes from Ancient Sanskrit word "upala." It forms in many different shades and colors, and is recognized no matter the color it forms in. In Greek mythology, opal was formed from the tears of joy that Zeus cried after defeating the Titans. In traditional Indian lore opal was formed when the Goddess of Rainbows was turned to stone while fleeing the romantic advances of the other gods. In the Arabic world it was believed that opals fell from the skies in lightning flashes. There seems to be a consistent theme with opal raining down from the sky, somehow related to the gods.

Symbols of Nature

Flowers have been represented throughout the ages as perpetual and renewing, and a graceful symbol of the beauty of the mother nature and the earth. Certain flowers like the lotus flower are steeped in meaning, and many Asian gods and deities are shown consistently sitting or resting on top of the lotus flower. Many Asian traditions use the lotus to exemplify virtuous ideas such as purity and non attachment to material possessions. It is seen as strikingly beautiful and full of religious significance because it grows from the mud, completely pure and untouched. It can represent beauty, grace, elegance, and spiritual nature. Because it floats on top of the muddy waters and remains beautiful and untouched, many Buddhists use it to symbolize the way that the mind should remain floating above the muddy waters of sin and attachment to materials of the world.

Tips for Buying Gauges

  • Explore different materials of gauges. It is very important to try different gauges that are made from different things to see how your body responds to each material, and to learn your personal preference for each type. Each material that gauges are commonly created from offer different benefits for the body.
  • Take good care of your gauges. Keeping them cleaned, and making sure that they are stored properly will make your gauges last longer. Also, keeping them in a predetermined place or case will make sure that they do not get lost. For gauges and tapers made from more fragile materials like certain glass and stone, keeping them in a case can help ensure that they do not accidentally drop and shatter when they fall.
  • Cheap gauges can be purchased at a deal just as easily as expensive gauges can be found. Many people who wear gauges like to have a combination of cheaper, casual gauges as well as very expensive, exotic ear gauges.
  • Building up a collection of gauges can be very helpful, and help you make the most of the ear gauge wearing experience. Having options means that you will never get bored, and that you have plenty of choices to change into if your ears get tired from a certain pair of gauges and you need to switch them out.


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