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Chocolate Diamond Rings - Online Sales

Updated on May 12, 2011

Chocolate diamond rings are unique pieces of fine jewelry that's becoming very popular on the diamond market. Diamonds are made from carbon, which happens to be the hardest natural matter found on Earth. In fact, diamonds are also the highest on Mohs scale of hardness at 10. 10 is the highest of any type of gemstone. Only about a quarter of the diamonds that are found are used to make fine jewelry. The other seventy five percent are used in industrial settings. It is thought by scientists that diamonds have been around for at least a billion years. Chocolate diamond rings aren’t the only odd color of this type of gemstone. Diamonds can come in other shades such a blue, yellow, pink, green and just about any type of color that you can imagine. Chocolate diamond rings can be given for an engagement, wedding, Valentine’s day, Christmas or just about any special occasion to a special lady. 

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Chocolate Diamond Rings - Bands

Budgeting for Chocolate Diamond Rings

Chocolate diamond rings cost a fraction of the price compared to clear or “white” diamonds. Chocolate gemstones aren’t necessarily stricken to the same guidelines that white diamonds are. There is no need to judge the color on the traditional diamond scale. Clarity may or may also not be as important due to dark shades of brown. Hence, chocolate diamond rings can save buyers several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If budget is not a concern, chocolate diamonds can be paired with white diamonds to give the ring a much more luxurious look. Band choices are also offered in a wide variety of styles and precious metal forms such as white or yellow gold and even platinum. Different diamond cuts such as princess, round, marquise, are also available on markets for purchase.

Chocolate (Brown) Engagement Ring

Chocolate Diamond Rings –Shades

The god father who coined the name “chocolate diamonds” was Le Vian, a precious gemstone seller who marketed the precious stones crazily to sell them.

Most gemstone experts used to steer clear of chocolate diamonds because they go against the important Cs of diamond value; however, celebrities and other spokes people have began sporting them; as a result, chocolate diamond rings, as well as other colored diamonds have become very acceptable. The most common shades of this particular colored gemstone are tan, brown, dark champagne and deep brown.

The phrase chocolate diamonds was introduced because of the favoritism people have with the food products. When people think of chocolate, they think of pleasure, indulgence and satisfaction. Thus, for marketing reasons and the coloring of the gemstone, “chocolate” fit the description quite well.

Diamond Commercial


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