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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings - Diamond Deals

Updated on May 12, 2011

About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear shaped engagement rings are more different then the traditional round solitaire or princess cut gemstone jewelry. Pear shape diamonds resemble in shape to a teardrop or to the fruit that the phrase was coined after. A pear shape diamond is very round or oval like on one side and gradually tappers to a point on the opposite side of the gemstone. A pear shaped engagement ring is a very popular choice when it comes to buying a diamond. This diamond shape gives off a brilliant luster, much like the traditional solitaire stones do. Often, individuals confuse a marquise with a pear shaped diamond due to the similarities in shape. Marquise diamonds are somewhat oval or round in the stone and taper off on both ends to resemble a football. Pear shaped engagement rings are also a popular choice, as they create the illusion of slim and long fingers.

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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings – How Gemstone Sizes are Calculated - Keep This Information in Mind When Choosing the Ideal Diamond For Your Needs

The stone sizes of pear shaped engagement rings are calculated using a mathematical formula. A stone is measured in width and length using a formula known to jewelers as the Length to Width ratio. The length is then divided by the width to get an accurate calculation of the size of a gemstone. According to, between 1.45 and 1.75 are generally the most common ratios of pear shaped engagement rings. All diamond cuts use the above formula for gemstone sizes.

Pear Shaped Diamond Band Options and Extras

Pear shaped diamond rings are generally placed in a plain yellow or white gold band. That setting is the most popular with this particular cut stone. However, platinum and other precious metals are also options. Accent stones on bands are also an option for this type of jewelry but this unique cut stone doesn’t need the add-ons, as it can stand out with its own brilliant luster all by itself. Vintage bands and other fancy designs are also an option, but not as common. A cluster, known as other smaller diamonds, can also be positioned on a band around the pear shaped diamond if preferred. Matching earring and necklaces with exact cut gemstones can also compliment pear shaped diamond rings for a woman.

Pear shaped engagement rings are a great alternative to traditional round cut stones. Image: donkeyrock/
Pear shaped engagement rings are a great alternative to traditional round cut stones. Image: donkeyrock/

Purchasing Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Buyers looking to buy this gemstone cut should pay attention to the details of particular rings when shopping. Clarity, color, cut, carats and grade are the most important factors when shopping. Clarity is the disclosure of any imperfections that may or may not be found inside the gemstone. Color is used to describe what shade the stone is. Diamonds can come in various colors. Colorless is often what shoppers look for. Cut is used to describe the shape and what was competed to form the shaping. Brilliant cuts are the most sought for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Brilliant cuts increase the luster of diamonds. Angles are formed so that when light hits pear shaped diamond rings, light gives off that sparkle that most people crave.

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