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Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Updated on May 12, 2011

A princess cut diamond tennis bracelet makes a great gift for the special woman in your life for an anniversary, Christmas or Valentine’s Day present or even a birthday gift. A princess cut diamond tennis bracelet contains several diamond gemstones that are square cut in shape. The gemstones are then placed site by side on a white or yellow gold band. This jewelry item can also come in a wide variety of bracelet styles and diamond colors; however, clear diamonds are often the most common type that is purchased. Other princess cut diamond tennis bracelet styles can contain round and princess cut diamonds for a unique appearance. When the next special day rolls around, consider getting that special woman a princess cut diamond tennis bracelet for the occasion.

Diamond Princess Cut Tennis Bracelet with Matching Earrings

Click above photo to see a close up or visit the links to the left to see the sales pages.
Click above photo to see a close up or visit the links to the left to see the sales pages.

Why This Jewelry Item Has the Name

A princess cut diamond tennis bracelet is considered a fine and delicate piece of jewelry that is wore on wrists that celebrities favor. When a Tennis player, Chris Evert lost her bracelet during a US Open in 1987, the game was stopped so that the jewelry item could be located. The famous tennis player was well known for her wrist jewelry that contained diamonds and as a result, introduced the name that caught on then spread.

The famous jeweler, Harry Winston was the creator of that particular wrist jewelry and designed a clasp that would withstand swinging arm motions to prevent the loss of the fine item.

Princess Cut diamond Bracelet Pricing

A princess cut diamond bracelet can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand. The reason for this is the diamonds and precious metals that are used to make the bracelets. Carat size, clarity and color all contribute to the value of this particular jewelry item. The overall number of the carats can dramatically increase the cost of a princess cut diamond bracelet. Diamonds that are near colorless, where they do not hold any yellowing or other imperfections make bracelets much more valuable; thus, pricing increases. Clarity also increases the price. Clarity is measured to determine that diamonds do not have any foggy imperfections. Clarity is also important because clear diamonds reflect much more light. Diamonds with very good clarity will sparkle when light hits the stones.

Budgeting for a Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet

If pricing is a concern with such a piece of jewelry, then consider buying a princess cut diamond bracelet with fewer carats or made with sterling silver. It is advised that you don’t go for more carats and less quality of diamonds.

Less quality diamonds will appear dull and may contain tints of color that will make the wrist jewelry very unattractive. Instead, go for a two to four carat piece of jewelry, as opposed to a nine carat that can cost 10 thousand or more dollars.

Another consideration is specifically choosing a colored princess cut diamond bracelet instead of traditional ones. Black diamonds cost significantly less and are just as appealing as clear or white ones. You may also purchase wrist bracelets that contain multiple colors such as blue and clear, black and clear or pure blue diamonds.

Other gemstones can also be substituted between each diamond to significantly lower the cost, yet not take away from the beauty of your next princess cut diamond bracelet purchase.

A princess cut diamond tennis bracelet stands out for the beauty of the stones. Image courtesy: t-florie/
A princess cut diamond tennis bracelet stands out for the beauty of the stones. Image courtesy: t-florie/


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      anjolee tennis bracelets 7 years ago

      Really thorough article on that type of diamond tennis bracelet! The princess cut is definitely a classic.