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Choosing The Best Electric Shaver

Updated on March 6, 2013
Electric shaver
Electric shaver | Source

What To Look For When Choosing An Electric Shaver

Though some men enjoy shaving, most find it a chore. Finding a method of shaving that minimizes the effort entailed to give a stubble free finish is what most men hope to attain. For many, using an electric shaver is a more practical, less messy and more convenient way of shaving compared to wet shaving.There are many different brands and designs of shaver. Choosing which type best suits you depends on certain factors.

Power source. Electric shavers can be mains or battery powered. Some are rechargeable and some combine mains and rechargeable. For rechargeable shavers, look for models with a quick recharge mode. This allows a quick recharge that should give enough power for one shave. Also look for how long it takes for the shaver to have a full recharge. The advantage of rechargeable and battery models is that they can be used away from a power source, though they have to be recharged regularly, whereas a mains shaver can be used as soon as it is plugged in.

Rotary or foil head. There are two types of head, either rotary or foil. As either model is passed over the beard, hairs pass through the holes in the foil and are cut by the cutting heads beneath. It is personal choice and trial and error to which type will best suit an individual.The foil head models will have between one and three heads that move from side to side under strips of foil. The more heads typically indicates a quicker shave, and more suited to coping with longer beard hair. Rotary models typically have two or three round heads that have rotating heads under a protecting foil.

Waterproof and washable. Some models can be used in the bath or shower and are fully waterproof. Others can be washed but are not fully waterproof. Obviously shavers plugged into the mains should never be exposed to or used around water.

Contouring. Look for a model which has moveable heads that follow the contours of the face. This will allow for an easier, smoother shave.It is worthwhile keeping the heads of the electric shaver clean to maintain optimum cutting efficiency and is worthwhile doing on a regular basis. While cleaning, check the foil for signs of damage. Any breaks or holes in the foil can reduce the cutting quality and can result in painful cuts on the skin.


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    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 5 years ago from UK

      Thanks unknownspy - glad it was helpful.

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      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      Great hub! Interesting :)