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Coach Purses - What Great Quality!

Updated on December 18, 2008

Coach Purses

Purses – what a fun topic of conversation! Purses are a great way for a person to show expression whether that is a different purse for every day or the same one for years. A very popular brand is Coach. These high, quality purses have many benefits associated with owning these Coach purses.

I am not sure if you know anything about the history of the Coach company or if it matters to you. But in the event you want to know more, let me tell you a little bit. (if not just skip to the next paragraph) The Coach Company started as a family owned business in Manhattan, New York. This small start for a company has sixty years later boomed into one of the leading designer purse manufacturers. This company is a great story of the American Dream with a small company selling a superior, quality product that evolved into an incredibly, profitable business. As with many United States businesses, Coach has recently moved most of its production to China. It remains to be seen whether this move will affect the quality we have come to expect from Coach products.

Much of the popularity for Coach purses not only comes from their name and reputation, but the quality that backs up their product. The quality that embodies these purses is due to the incredible detail to craftsmanship the Coach Company puts into each purse. As you familiarize yourself with authentic Coach purses, you will see the impeccable stitching in each purse. These purses are made to perfection. The leather used in each purse is of high quality that will wear extremely well. And if this was not enough, Coach purses come with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee in and of itself speaks to the high faith the company has in their products.

One of the draws of this company is the great variety in their products with different price points. Since you and I have different circumstances in our lives and different priorities, the Coach Company gives us both a way to enjoy a designer purse at terms agreeable to our budget. You can purchase a great purse for under $200 or choose from the lines of purses ranging in the thousands. For me raising four little ones at home, I have a huge list of items for each ‘extra’ thousand dollars that we receive and that list does not include a high-end Coach purse.

But I do have a Coach purse that retails for about $275, which I purchased at an outlet. I am extremely happy with having an authentic Coach purse. For me, the purchase was a way to give myself something special. And I use the purse everyday. Yes, it is a black purse that I use even when wearing brown. Call the fashion police, if necessary, but getting our family out the door is a feat in and of itself. Changing purses on a continual basis for me at this point in life is just not practical.

So for me, I thought it was time to stop making due with what I had and actually get a purse I really liked. Plus I know the resale value of authentic Coach purses is a great market, so when I get tired of this purse I can either keep it and buy another one or sell it online and of course buy another one. ☺ The one slight down side to these purses it the great quality. My purse still looks the same as the day I bought it. This durability has made a believer out of me in the quality of each purse since things at my house must be near indestructible to last.

With the Coach collection you have an incredible variety in the styles and materials used to make the purses. From patchwork purses to the classic c pattern to pure leather there is a purse for each personality. The company matches its variety of materials with real functionality in each purse. So it should be easy to find a Coach purse the fits your personal needs.

Although, Coach purses are reasonably priced compared to other designer purses the company has made changes to accommodate our current economy. I know there are people who make purse purchases anytime they want and the price is not an issue. According to market reports I read, the sales of Coach handbags priced above $400 are doing great. At this time, I cannot go out and purchase a purse for over $400 just because I would like one. This purchase would have to be planned so I am definitely not one of the people fueling that report.

In an effort to reach those of us who must be more budget minded, Coach is offering a new line of lower priced handbags. Yes thanks Coach for the variety and possibilities to those of us who are putting more and more of our money towards gas and food, but still love designer bags. In addition to handbags, Coach offers a jewelry line, footwear, sunglasses, wallets, hat, cosmetic bags, etc. These options give any budget a way to enjoy the Coach quality at a price reasonable to you and your situation.


I highly recommend that a person make a decision to do something special for himself or herself. If a designer purse is not a high priority to you then find something that will make you feel special and remind yourself to take care of yourself. You are definitely worth it. I think an authentic Coach purse is a great place to start.


Share your Coach purse story with us. Tell us how long you have owned your Coach purse and what you think of the product. It will be great to hear from everyone. Go over to our blog at to share a picture of you with your favorite purse.


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