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Organize Your Workspace Cubicle Clutter with Coat Clothing Rack

Updated on October 14, 2012

Introduction ..... Is Your Cube a Landfill?

Is your cubicle at work a cluttered mess?

It is tough to get an office cubicle organized. There's often not a lot of cabinets and files for storage. Not to mention cubicles aren't that great looking to being with. Office cubicles are dull, bleak places. A white collar gulag.

Plus the area is always so small. Junk piles up fast.

The Low Lying Fruit

OK, with any project you always want to tackle the low-lying-fruit first. In other words, if you want to play baseball, buy a bat first. Save building the stadium for later.

Look around your cubicle, what is the biggest mess in the room? It might be a giant pile of paper, it might be that quilt mama made you, it could be the blood stain from you banging your head against your floor, or that yeti hiding under your desk... it could be anything, even your clothing.

Yeah Clothes

OK... I'm not suggesting that you have piles of socks and underwear sticking out of your drawers or in the hamper under the fax machine, but you might have a jacket on the back of your chair or a coat hanging over the cubicle wall. You know, hanging over the wall, covering up your neighbor's swimsuit calendar on the other side (which is precisely why the guy next to you, hates you).

Why would you want a jacket on the back of your seat anyway? Sure it looks like hell, but you are also running it over with the wheels of your office chair each time you roll back to grab a page off the printer or take a nap or smack an intern or whatever you do during working hours.

This is What Will Save You

OK, salvation has arrived. The clothing hanging off the back of your chair like the condemned at the gallows will give you a sloppy kiss for this. There are very inexpensive and easy to obtain coat hangers designed for cubicles.

The are easy to use. So easy, that when I order them online, some actually come with instructions for use. Seriously, I mean, do they think I'm a baboon or something? I don't look like one. I'm more of a rhino-face, which to me is more handsome, to Rhinos that is)

Cubicle hangers are great for getting your coat or any other outer garment (lab coat, protective clothing, safety vest, etc) out of the way and organized.

Yeah.. I know it's blurry,  but try taking a picture of your cubicle coat hanger when your boss isn't looking and let me know how you make out
Yeah.. I know it's blurry, but try taking a picture of your cubicle coat hanger when your boss isn't looking and let me know how you make out

Instructions For A Cubicle Coat Hanger

OK....after the baboon remark, I feel guilty even offering this.....

A cubicle coat hanger is very easy to use.

1. Remove from package

2. Look for the rectangular 'hook' on top.

3. Put hook over desired top edge of cubicle

4. Hang garment (or anything else light enough to suspend..... like those little ones running around during those 'kids to work' events.)

Clothes Rack for Work Conclusion

Once you get the garments off the floor and on your clothes rack you can tackle other things like, maybe, doing your job or cleaning food out of your keyboard (you know it's a mess in there) or whatever.

Thanks for reading!


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