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Rolodex Rotatory Card Contact Files Still A Great Office Tool

Updated on January 18, 2011

Here's Mine .... Very Handy!


In the age of electronics some paper based office supplies still stand out. The Rolodex rotary card file comes to mind.  Rolodex has spawned many different product lines but the eponymous rotary card file still hangs in there.

The Look

The one I use is black and has a great look to it.  I like the look because it fits very well in an elegant office setting, but also can fit seamlessly into a garage or factory setting as well. I posted pictures of my Rolodex.

The Size

The Rolodex does not take up a lot of space. By my rough measurements using a tape measure, the 'foot print' of this rotary card file is about 7" all around (height, width and depth).  It fits well on any size desk top.

The Feel

The performance of the Rolodex card file is always reliable.  It is light weight and easy to move around your desk if you need to do so.

Very sturdy design and can take a lot of abuse.

The A to Z cards are easy to file. The A to Z cards are large enough that you get a decent amount of contact information on them and still be easy to read.

The Rolodex rotates easy by using either the left or right knob. You can really spin the cards to get to your contacts very easily and quickly.

 My only complaint with the Rolodex is that over a long period of time, the card begins to soften in the area where it 'latches' to the Rolodex.  When I spin the left or right knob, occasionally an old, old card will fly out.  This is easy to remedy by just drafting a new card which is naturally more sturdy from lack of use.

Here's Mine Again .... Love It!

Is this for Everyone ?

There are no products out there that are for everyone. For those of you who have absolutely everything on electronics, you probably already have names and numbers stored on your email server or somewhere on your computer.  

For those of you who like the feel of keeping simple, manual records the Rolodex rotary card file is for you.  For those of you who employ manual records in case of power outage or loss of saved files, this is for you also. For those of you looking for a gift for someone who likes manual back up, yep, this is for you too

The Specs

Black metal open rotary business card file with transparent sleeves for business cards and  A-Z guides.

Hard Plastic Side Knobs

Open style offers easy access to cards.

Sturdy black metal base.

Approximately 7 x 7 x 7" (by my rough tape measurement)

To Sum Up

This contact file remains  a popular way of storing contacts.  It is easy to use.

Very rugged design that resists damage but also professional looking.

Electronics junkies out there will not go for those product, but those who like to back up with written info will still enjoy the convenience of a Rolodex.


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