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Coral Jewelry Care

Updated on October 22, 2011

Before going on the ways to the steps to take care of coral jewelry; let us have a brief introduction of coral and what is coral jewelry. Skeletal remains of many marine animals are known as polyp Corallicum, informally Coral.

Coral is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. It is widely used for making fashion jewelry. Most of the coral used in jewelry making comes either Taiwan or Japan; from Pacific Ocean or Mediterranean Sea. Coral jewelry is delicate and easy to be broken very easily. So here are some tips one how to take care of your coral jewelry.

Be Gentle

As it is mentioned above the coral jewelry is very delicate. This jewelry needs to be deal with a gentle way. It needs to be taken care, so wear it and store it with all care. Avoid applying too much pressure on the coral beads, it will dust or broke into pieces. Store it in a place where jewelry could be in pressure of other items.

Be Careful While Storing It

Store corals gentle and carefully. Corals beads are easy to get scratched.

Use lined boxes to store the coral jewelry. You can use small pouches for this purpose as well.

It is more advisable to store each piece of separately to avoid scratches on the beads and make them easily dust.

Use pouches of soft materials as corals needs to be handled gently as much as possible.

Wear It On Clean Skin

Do wear your corals when you have all done with your make up and other cosmetics.

Cosmetics, as fact, are made from harsh chemicals, chemicals that could discoloration and dust the beads.

Coral beads are easy to react and discolored with such chemicals. Wear it when you’re completely done with your make up and all cosmetics.

Keep It Away From Sprays

Use all kinds of hair sprays, body buffs, perfumes and deodorants before putting on the coral jewelry. Sprays are made from harsh chemicals and coral beads are delicate and fragile to bear those chemicals.

The chemicals could make the corals dust, discolored or cause lose their shine. Avoid these sprays with other types of jewelry as well but take special care when you have planned to wear coral jewelry.

Keep It Out Of High Temperature

Avoid as much as possible to wear the corals in the scorching summer and sun shine. Corals can lose their shine and fade their color when exposed directly to the sun rays.

Coral is obtained from sea bed, where temperature and harshness of sun rays is softer than on earth, so, corals can be faded if exposed to sun rays in high temperature. 

Clean It With A Microfiber Cloth

Use a soft and microfiber cloth to clean the coral beads and coral jewelry. It would be better to warm the cloth with warm water to clean it.

Avoid use of hard chemicals, varnishes, shiner and other cleaner on this kind of jewelry.

Use of water either too cold or too hot can damage the corals as well. The best medium to clean coral beads is to clean is warm water. 

Coral ring.
Coral ring.

Clean It With Care

Wipe the beads gently. Rubbing and pressing uselessly would not make them shine but scratches and discoloration.

In case, you use your coral in daily use it would be strongly advisable to clean it on daily basis to avoid dirt marks and penetration of dust particles in the beads. Do not deal with the corals in an aggressive way; it may hurt the little fragile beads. 

Let It Dry Properly

Allow corals to dry in open air properly and completely before storing it in lined box or pouch. Storing it damp or moist will affect the shine and color of the corals.

Storing it damp may also cause fungus on the coral beads that could dull the settings as well as corals. So, let it be dry in open air

Dyed corals.
Dyed corals.

Avoid Using Cleaner

Cleaning of corals not at all needs any cleaner. As said before warm water is the best agent to clean corals. For the times you’re cleaning the jewelry settings, avoid it touching with the beads.

Though sometimes just cleaning with water is not enough for silver settings.

Sometime corals are fitted with other gems stones which need tough cleaners to shine again. In these cases you need to be more and more carefully.


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