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Deer Tattoos

Updated on November 20, 2015

Deer are fascinating in that they are considered as an attraction to all sorts of people for a variety of reasons. Some like to paint them, photograph them, use them in creative themes. Many hunt them for food and sport.

Either way, whatever the motivation, there's the sense of the trophy when you think of deer, and a great set of antlers is always a major part of that experience, and that's true with tattoos as well.

When you look for designs and tattoos of deer, other than those portraying Disney's Bambi, the image almost always includes a deer with a set of trophy antlers on them.

So in the photos below you'll definitely be treated to a plethora of antlers as you look at the tremendous artwork and design from artists showing of their own trophies on their human canvasses.

The deer head tattoo image below is one that is probably among the most thought of when thinking of a deer. You see something very similar to this in the majority of artists' depictions.

There's a reason for that, and it's because it looks so great and majestic.

I like everything about this tattoo, but especially the way it makes the eyes and nose so wet looking, as it is in real life.

Typical Deer Head Tattoo

I included the deer tattoo below because it was very unique. I hadn't seen that combination before and it is pretty interesting. The lotus look with the deer isn't something I would have thought of.

It's not my style, but this may work for some.

Deer Tattoo on Arm

Of all deer tattoos, I would say this one below, or one that is very close to it, was without doubt the most popular and most inked of the theme.

Again, the reason why is this is what just about everyone thinks of, or hopes for, if they come across a deer. Great tattoo.

Deer Tattoo in Scene

The deer skull tattoo surprised me at to its relative popularity, as it's one I really hadn't contemplated on when wondering what I would find with deer tattoos. Following are a couple of tattoo styles, and there were actually variety of them out there.

Deer Skull Tattoo

If you didn't catch it, the three deer skulls included with this tattoo have the antlers intertwined, something I've seen that those collecting antlers in real life doing. I thought that was an nice twist (pun intended) to the theme.

More Deer Skull Tattoos

This deer tattoo scene is nice, and it reminds me of the northern part of Minnesota where I was born and lived for the first part of my adult life. The only thing I really don't like is the tree going over the shoulder. I prefer tattoos placed in a way you can enjoy the entire thing without twisting and moving to do it.

Deer Tattoo Scene

While I hadn't thought of deer tattoos in the past, when I came across them it was really enjoyable to see something so much part of my younger life being portrayed; reminding me of those wonderful years we can never get back.

Tattoos are able to capture something permanently, and in the case of deer, there always seems to be something that captures your attention in a way that most other things just don't do.


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