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Moon Tattoo Playfulness

Updated on July 10, 2014

Halloween Christmas Moon Totem Star Tattoos

Moon tattoos are great because they work with so many other themes. You can use the moon alone, with animals, stars, the sun, and fantasy characters, to name a few, and they all look great.

Another very popular combination is the use of the sun and the moon together, with some very creative ways of portraying them. This may be the most widely used tattoo design of them all with the moon.

A fun part of the moon is also usually a lazy critter of some sort just hanging off of it. You could put just about anything on it and it works.

For those looking for more realism or awesomeness, I included one tattoo that is extraordinary and unusual, which made me wonder what it was the artist and person with the tattoo were thinking in making it. It's very good.

Mostly though moon tattoos are winsome and playful, and just a fun design to use.

Like mentioned above, moon tattoos included winsomeness, playfulness and fantasy, and you have them all with the two fairy tattoos below.

I find it amazing how you can take a similar theme and make them look so different. Not just the obvious color change, but the way they're dressed and the clothing they where. Very nice!

Moon Fairy Tattoos

The moon and the sun are very popular, and it was fun to see the different way the faces were designed on the subject matter, and of course the funny tattoo of the sun and moon kissing.

Moon, Sun Combination Tattoo

Again we have the winsome feel of the moon set in the midst of the stars. I like the smile on the moon as it he's pleasantly sleeping with sweet dreams.

Moon and Stars Tattoo

What fun with the cat lying on the moon as if he has all day to just hang around. My favorite of the design wasn't the cat and the moon though, but those wonderful clouds lazily floating in front of the moon.

Cat Lying on Moon Tattoo

What a compelling Celtic, tribal moon tattoo design below. It has a lot going for it, of which my favorite is the scrolls.

Tribal Celtic Moon Tattoo

I love how this tattoo shows exactly what is happening. It's like you happened suddenly upon a mermaid sitting on the beach taking in the moon and you surprise her. Really nice.

Mermaid Moon Tattoo

Amazing Grey Moon Tattoo

I don't know if there is something special about this moon, image, like it being taken out of a film or not, but it is extraordinary in detail and quality.

The moon as a tattoo prop is among my favorites, even though this group of tattoos had the moon more as the star of the design than the background. It shows what a nice tool the moon is when putting together all sorts of artwork, as it works with so many things, and these are just a  few of them.


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