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Fascinating Bear Tattoos

Updated on July 5, 2014

I was really surprised when I started looking around for interesting bear tattoos how many there were. My thought was there would probably be a few out there, as not that many people would be interested in the theme. Was I wrong.

There were so many with a large variety of designs, that it shocked me at first, as there were the usual cuddly type of bears that some would like, to pictures of bears in nature, bear tattoo heads, paws, and a number of other images.

Each one of them had a place, and it seems bear heads and bear paws won out as to the most popular.

Bear paws are especially interesting because you can include all sorts of elements with them without having trouble finding a good place to ink them on you.

With the bear being popular with American Indians, you also have that as a major part of bear tattoo images people choose. 

Whenever I write about tattoos, I usually try to find one that isn't done as well as it should be, as an example of what to look for. After all, if you get something inked on you, it will usually be for life, so you want it to be the right image.

In the case of the tattoo of the bear head below, it's the mouth that looks weird. Even though it probably isn't as bad as it looks, the feeling is the mouth is off kilter , even though it's probably the way the black flowed into the nose that seems to hide the rest of the mouth, giving it the strange look.

It doesn't matter about the why though. It's just a reminder to look closely at any tattoo you are going to have inked on you before you commit. Little details do matter.

Bear Head Tattoos

Here's another bear head tattoo that leaves a little to be desired. Now I come from an area of the United States that is full of bears, so maybe I can see things other don't, but this one doesn't work for me, even though it does have some nice lines to it.

I think it's the odd feeling he has eyebrows, or that semicircle above his eyes that does it.

Angry Bear Tattoo

Here's a good bear head. It's done different to emphasize what a bear is, and so I can suspend reality on it to enjoy what is trying to be conveyed. Real busy on the detail, but if you like that style, not a bad bear head tattoo.

Growling Bear Tattoo

This is my personal favorite among the bear head tattoos, as it portrays what a bear encountered is like, as well as very close to what it actually looks like. Nice tattoo.

Vicious Bear Tattoo

Too bad the bright light interferes some with this bear tattoo, as it's a fantastic tattoo, and the most compelling part to me is the way that paw seems to be in the middle of swiping at you. Pretty cool.

Bear Paws Swiping Tattoo

This was an interesting bear tattoo below, in that it is part of a larger scene. It was odd to me the way the neck of the bear looked though, as if it was a guy wearing a bear costume with a zipper easily seen. Other than that, not too bad if you don't mind more of a cartoon-like image.

Bear Standing in Scene Tattoo

This full-body bear tattoo is well done, if you only look at the body, but the head is a little off, including the eyes, which are at different levels. Too bad, as I thought the artist captured the body almost perfectly.

Bear Climbing Tattoo

This is a very cool and realistic looking bear paw tattoo, and the bear head coming through the paw is a great touch. The color of the tattoo is also appealing to me, as it gives it a very unique look.

Bear Head in Bear Paw Tattoo

This final bear tattoo is really unusual and well done. The paw in the middle used as a simple on the canvass is great. The detail of the stretched out skin and what it is attached to is a great piece art. I really like this one.

Bear Print Tattoo

Looking at this collection of bear tattoos is an excellent education of how to go through whatever theme you want tattooed on you. After all, as mentioned, tattoos are for the most part permanent. If you aren't very discerning and have something put on you're not happy with, it's a disaster.

I actually didn't start off with the intention of commenting on some of the tattoos like I did, but as we went along it seemed to be taking on a narrative on its own, so I went with it. Hopefully you enjoyed it and learned something along the way.


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