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Designer Styles for Less

Updated on March 30, 2015

Is It Possible?

In my line of work I often get asked to find the "cheap" equivalent of something a friend desperately wants but can't afford. They always come to me because they know I have the resources to find the very best and cheapest! There's nothing wrong with splurging on clothing or accessory items that we're just dying to have, but when we're experimenting with new styles, why not save some cash?

I absolutely love getting challenged with the hardest items to procure and to then find the almost exact same piece but for fractions of the cost! Here I've done it again but with pieces that are "In" for now, but may not be next year! I also made it extra useful for this tanking economy but sticking to an under $30 budget.

I also really wanted to do this hub to show and encourage people out there that they can do the exact same thing! Lets say there is a gorgeous cardigan you're dying for but it's $120, which you do not have to spend. Go cardigan hunting a little and I bet you can find the exact same design for less.

There is also the reindeer sweater challenge which was personally asked by a reader through hubpages! Read on saavy fashionistas!


Off The Shoulder Dress

The One Shouldered dress is HOT right now ladies! It was raging 2 years ago when starlets wore one shouldered Marchesa dresses to the Oscars and it's still going strong! The jersey dress makes the dress way more "wearable" for day to day.

Steep: Jessica Simpson, Dillards, $98

Steal: Whisk Me Away in the Batmobile, Kfashionhouse, 17.50


Animal Print!

One of my favorite pieces of advice about animal print for newbies is to wear it sparingly. After all, if you're afraid of the prints, go small! What better way to incorporate this than in a tank top. That way, you can keep your sweater/jacket and bottoms neutral. But, it's just a tank top, so you don't want to break the bank.

Steep: Monroe, Bluefly, $69

Steal: What Happens In Miami Stays In Miami, Kfashionhouse, $12.50


Reindeer Games

This was a personal request which I am VERY happy to oblige because my store just happened to carry a cute and cozy reindeer sweater. (Now sold out!) However, if you're considering getting something like this as an investment piece, it's not a bad idea to go a little luxe. Especially if it's for your grandmother! How cute is this for Christmas!

Splurge: Dolce & Gabbana, Net-a-porter, $440

Steal: Rudolph the Reindeer Sweater, Kfashionhouse, $27.50


Pirate Booty

How adorably amazing is this pirate themed dress. Yes, it's themed, but not too themed to be tacky. (There's no gold teeth or sword!) Specific themed and patterned dresses are one that I try never to spend too much money on. What is the point on blowing $500 of your hard earned money on a unicorn dress? Yes, it whimsical and fun, so the budget should be as well!

Steep: Carter, $104

Steal: Party with My Pirate Matey Dress, Kfashionhouse, $16.80


Luxury Top

I wanted to include a "luxurious" top and while I was going for it, I thought, "why not purple for royalty?" I love these luxe tops which are comfortable but also classy enough to wear anywhere. Dress it down with jeans or up with a skirt. It's even perfect for the workplace! It's great to have some luxe tops like this which are uber-flexible for your wardrobe.

Steep: Armand Bassi, Yoox, $95

Steal: Lotte World Heiress Blouse, Kfashionhouse, $18.20


Floral Bouquets

Floral rings are extremely big right now. And why not? When I wear mine, it brightens up my day. Since jewelry should always be considered lifetime pieces, there's nothing wrong with splurging on an item such as this. Now, if you don't see yourself wearing this often, as in you just want to buy it to be spunky for a day for your sister's garden party, then get the cheap version!

Steep: Juicy Couture, $65.99

Steal: Kfashionhouse, $8.10


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    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 6 years ago from California

      @alwayzzcitra: Thanks! I totally believe that you can look great for less. Love the comment!

    • alwayzzcitra profile image

      alwayzzcitra 6 years ago from Palembang, Indonesia

      I like these alternatives. You can look good for less. Designer's line are extremely costly, your hub did a great job explaining to to create similar look in a cheaper way!