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Do You Just Love Coach Tennis Shoes? Get them For Less $$$

Updated on June 4, 2010
Coach casuals
Coach casuals
Coach High Tops
Coach High Tops

When you see the Coach brand you think high fashion but Coach products are famous for their high quality as well. Most of us think shoes and purses when we hear Coach but there are many other quality coach products as well.

For women .Handbags, shoes, cosmetic cases, wristlets, charms, watches, sunglasses, keychains and key purses, umbrellas, bracelets, silk scarves, signature floppy hats, jackets and more. Then

For men coach has briefcases, messenger bags, totes, watches, iPod accessories, shoes, belts, ties, keyrings and more.

There even products such as Baby booties, mittens, bears, pom pom pom hats, cashmere blankets and for pets, dog collars and dog leashes.

But can we afford to go high style with Coach? I say yes!
I Just Love Coach Tennies, ( I love the matching purses too) But I have to stay within a budget when I shop, so I'm always looking for Great deals. In my search I have found that Coach has outlet stores where you can get great prices on the shoes and purses you love. You can find the outlet nearst you at

Another store that frequently has sale prices on Coach products is Macy';s. I recently got a great pair of tennies for $86.78 there. Oh, and don't forget, you can buy Coach at Costco too.

There are also some great deals to found online. Just google Coach shoes and you will find a host of sites to choose from. Some have amazing discounted prices. You can have those great designer shoes at a reasonable price if you just know where to look.

who is your favorite designer?

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    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      jjmyles I love SHOES. Coach tennis shoes are awesome.

      I clicked and came close to a purchase. I will need to come back when I can afford. My mouth waters at shoes. tee hee.(-;

      Great hub. I enjoyed it very much. Thank You