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Double Take Studios Shuts Down - Doubletake Scams, Complaints, Reviews

Updated on December 21, 2012

On this page we will look at Double Take Studios prices. How much do they charge for photos, prices for postage costs and other charges as well as how much you will have to pay if you miss your booking. There are many complaints about Double Take Studios and people who claim the company are a scam, so this article looks at how much a day with Double Take will actually cost you. We have also just heard that the company has shut down so we will also bring news of the closure.

I recently visited Double Take Studios in Manchester, after reading all the complaints and negative reviews I wanted to see for myself exactly what they were all about. In this article I am concentrating on the prices that Double Take charge, if you want to read other reviews and about complaints and scams then you can check out my other write ups. So let’s talk about money.

Double Take Shuts Down

It has just emerged that Double Take studios has ceased trading. This was first brought to public attention on 10 November 2011, as more details emerge we will update you. The company websites are all down and the phone lines are dead. The company have been in business for over ten years but the way they do bussiness has caused many complaints and consumer watchdogs have been hot on their case.

Where this leaves customers who have booked photoshoots or even worse paid for photos and not yet received them it is unknown. I personally visited two weeks ago and have not yet received the photos I bought. So it remains to be seen what will happen.

Update - Cheap Photos Sold On

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see various comments from people saying they have been contacted by a company and been offered all their photos on a CD with full rights to them. People seem to be paying anywhere from £20 to £40 for this. Well we had a call about six weeks ago from the same company, we paid £30 for all our session photos on a CD. There was a concern that this was a scam, but for £30 we decided it was worth the risk.

Yesterday I am happy to say our photos arrived. Every picture was there just as we had originally seen at the studio. They even included the fancy ones they had touched up and enhanced. We now have the rights to these photos and can do what we like with them. So they can go on to social media, be printed out or altered in any way we see fit.

So if you get a call from an archive company offering you all your photos on CD, then take this opportunity. I genuinely feel for the people who may have paid thousands of pounds for the exact same CD whereas you can now get the same thing for £30.

The Price Of Photos

So after you have had your so called free makeover and photo shoot how much will the pictures cost you. Well we were guided into our own private little viewing room to see our pictures. The sales person was very friendly and pleasant, he left us alone to see our pictures on a big plasma screen TV. Then he came back in to talk money. It was at this point that I realised how much of a scam Double Take Studios can be. We had 52 pictures taken altogether. To get all 52 of these photos on a CD and each one printed on a standard piece of A4 photograph paper would cost us a staggering £3299.

Obviously that is not something that many people can afford. We didn’t want to spend more than £100 or so, so what could we get for that? Well for one picture on a CD it would cost us £120. That would give us the copyright to the picture and we could then print it, publish it or whatever. If we wanted an A4 print of a picture that would be £90, however, this did not included the rights and we would not be allowed to reprint it, put it online or share it with anyone.

For a print out of all 50 of our photos in thumbnail size, they would charge us £50. For airbrushing it would cost £30 per photograph. There were a few nice montage pictures they knocked up, these would be an extra £50 each. They do offer various package deals which bring the price down slightly, but the cheapest of these is £399 and only includes 6 images on CD. As you can see, the Double Take Studio prices are very expensive indeed.

Double Take Hidden Charges

This is where the company get the most complaints. They say you are getting a free makeover, however, if you don’t turn up on the day they charge you £125 per person. If you cancel a week in advance it will cost you £50. They ask for a small booking fee when you sign up and this gives them the opportunity to get your card details, so then if you don’t turn up you can’t stop them taking the payment to cover the no show fee.

Another cost that should be mentioned is postage. We bought an image on CD and a print, the print was given to us there and then but the CD would have to be posted to us for some reason. To my disgust, this would cost £8! After all the shocking prices they charge you they have the cheek to make you pay £8 for the postage cost of a CD. Very poor customer service if you ask me.

As you can see if you want to go to Double Take Studios and come away with some nice pictures then it is really going to cost you big time. The prices and charges are simply madness and to be honest the quality of the pictures is nothing all that special anyway. You can go and get a free day out of this if you are very strong willed, but if you don’t show up it will cost you a lot of money. This company is technically not a scam but you can see why there are so many complaints about Double Take Studios.


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    • profile image

      valfletch 4 years ago

      I paid for a disc on 8th December 2012 and have been chasing it up since! No disc, no reply to answer phone messages left. In my opinion a complete scam! Wont ever fall for anything like this again, so at least one good lesson learnt! The people who did manage to get their photos do you have any details that would help the rest of us?

    • profile image

      Lianne 4 years ago

      Hi, I also received a disk for £15 with some of my photos on what I had done back in 2009, I'm just wondering if anyone would know the company that is selling all these disks? as me and a friend went and we had pictures done together and I would love to have them!

    • profile image

      nc 4 years ago

      i paid £20 that's including £5 p&p !! that was over a month ago and still not heard or received any photos. cannot get through on any numbers for them they just don't answer the phone.

    • profile image

      liz 4 years ago

      phone call from photo archives in december 2012 asking if i would like to purchase my cd from double take and did so. I paid £50 pounds & received it in january 2013 ! im pleased as i was worried but im glad to have all my photos .

    • profile image

      Jules 5 years ago

      I had a text asking if i wanted the photos we had taken 2 years ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances we never got the chance to go back and view after the photoshoot :(. I agreed to pay £20 for the CD, as if it was a scam, i wasn't losing that much. Anyway, the disc came and is absolutely fantastic! The only problem was, that I went as part of a Mother and Daughter day, and I have since lost my Mum, so I was hoping that there would be some nice pics of us both. I have rung and emailed the company today, who returned my call straightaway, and i have purchased, again for £20, the disc with my Mums photos on, and the Mother and Daughter ones. Can't wait for 28 days to see them!!!!!

    • profile image

      LH23 5 years ago

      This is not a scam, I paid £35 for my photos and delivery on credit card just to be sure and they arrived within 2 weeks of ordering. Very pleased.

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 5 years ago from UK

      I've noticed nobody seems to come back and post that they have received there pictures. People only seem to find this artcile when they are worried about photos not showing up. Rest assured ours turned up two weeks later and we were really happy with them.

    • profile image

      Sonja Sparrow 5 years ago

      I don't know what to do now I have read previous comments. I gave my debit card details to Photo Archive Services yesterday to pay £45 for my photos taken months and months ago. Will I get the DVD and 4 vouchers stated? Haven't a clue. They sent me an email confirming my transaction. I've sent their customer services an email asking them to confirm what's what. Watch this space!

    • profile image

      rachel s 5 years ago

      i got my disc this week i was a little concerned as it took a week to come but very happy all photos present (i still had the proof sheet from double take so checked them off) plus the enhanced ones double take tried to charge a fortune for, they are genuine and i am happy i got what i paid for, If you are concerned pay by Credit card as this covers purchases.

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 5 years ago from UK

      I agree that it sounds to good to be true. But we paid our £30 and the pictures arrived. The quality is very good, I don't know how well they would blow up into a larger scale, but for £30 I would say that we are very happy with what we got. Although it sounds like a scam, it isn't.

    • profile image

      Linda 5 years ago

      I received a text from this 'so called' company about 2 wks ago called Photo Archive which i've NEVER heard of before.

      They come across unprofessional in their approach on the phone.

      I can appreciate what they are trying to do 'if' they are a genuine company that has now got the right to sell off doubletake stock i.e peoples pictures now doubletake are finished.

      However i questioned the woman on the phone yesterday when she called me. I asked her what type of file the pics would be sent in i.e. a photoshop file etc and if it was in high resolution, also the clarity etc as i do photography myself! I then caught her off guard and she didn't know what to say or how to answer me, but did say i could print the pictures up to a billboard size (YEAH RIGHT!) i don't think so!

      And because i was having none of the sales pitch she was trying to put my way... she put me through to a 'supervisor'

      His response was yes its high resolution bla bla bla. And that i would ALSO get 4 photoshoot vouchers worth £356 for another photo company.

      When i questioned him about the company and said i had never heard of them, he started babbling about other stuff! hmmmmmmm what does that tell you?!?!?!?!? alarm bells are ringing!!!!!!!!!!!

      The reason why i asked these questions was to find out number 1 if they are genuine and not trying to rip me off after me losing £500 already from DoubleFAKE! and if i can enlarge the pictures on a bigger scale.

      The CD with 12 images i received from Doubletake were in LOW Resolution...therefore you cannot blow pics up to poster size, only suitable for facebook etc which is ridiculous!

      If i were to purchase pictures from this 'so called' photo archive company who were trying to sell them for £75 for ALL my pictures i had taken on that day then i want to make sure they are legit and WILL send me what they are 'genuinely' offering me.

      I then went on to ask this 'supervisor' to e-mail me all the relevant details so i can look it over and decide if i wish to go ahead or not.

      I provided my e-mail address and guess what.......

      NO email!

      Funny that hey! Seems very strange if you ask me!

      Unprofessional and sounds like a massive scam!

    • profile image

      Louise 5 years ago

      Okay I had the phone call too tonight offering me all my photos for 35.00. I'm hoping this isn't a scam either!!! Can anyone confirm if they have had their photos please? Xx

    • profile image

      stella 5 years ago

      I got a phone call yesterday offering all my photos on disc for £25. I haven't had my confirmation email yet and now I'm worried this may be a scam!

      For those wondering why you're still paying for your photos, you are paying on finance so in a nutshell a company loaned you the amount to buy the photos and you still owe them in instalments. you still have to pay because the amount is now owed to the company (in my case Barclays Partner Finance) for the product you did receive.

      Can anyone tell me if they got their photos on disc for £25 fron the archive services?

    • profile image

      Sian 5 years ago

      I had the same phonecall about 3 weeks ago (ish), i did receive confirmation email but have not received anything in post :( has anybody else received anything yet?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Hi there,

      I work for the archiving company that is offering the discs for a reduced price. It is definitely not a scam, Ive been working there a few weeks now and we have loads of satisfied customers. x

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      Still paying off doubletake as well... can't find ANY information as to who the administrators are, can't contact ezi-pay either... I'm a student and I couldn't afford the damn pictures ANYWAY but the man wouldn't let it go until I had brought something. I am going into my bank to see what they say... but why am I still paying a company that doesn't exist anymore?! Only found out they had gone under from a phone call from the photo archieve company... if they went bust in november, i've still been paying them for 9 months!!!

    • profile image

      claire 5 years ago

      Ive been living abroad for the past year and have been trying to get hold of doubletake to find out how much longer i need to pay for as Im still paying off for pics from nearly 2 years ago, but all i keep seeing is they have shut down, is this true and do i still need to pay the rest of the money?

    • profile image

      Maria 5 years ago

      I also recently had a call as well...i use my mum credit card to pay for the photos..i was happy to pay for them in low price £40 because they ask me to pay three thousand pound when i went for the photoshot.

      I didn't and haven't receive any confirmation email or photos :( I just hope it not SCAM for real

    • profile image

      firekitteh 5 years ago

      Hi wondered if anyone could help me. ive still 500 left to pay from photos which cost me 1.500 . With the company in administration now. do i still have to pay the rest? Thanx

    • profile image

      BB 5 years ago

      I had a call from archive services also. Did you receive your photos? I am not keen to give bank details over the phone as I cannot even find an official website.

    • profile image

      Kim 5 years ago

      Yes! Although I haven't received a conformation email yet, so I'm a little worried to. But they seemed kosher enough, so I've no real reason to doubt it. Did you receive your email immediately afterwards?

    • profile image

      treakkle 5 years ago

      Hey did anyone else get a call recently from archive services explaining that double take had gone into administration and that i could puchase all my photos for 100 which i explained was too much and wiggled it down to 25 forr a cd with them all on.. and im worried this is a scam , however i did receive a confirmation email with the amount i will pay , a contact number and email and also the email in which it was sent was or something like that so it seems legit.. did anyone else receive this call?x

    • profile image

      sarah bird 5 years ago

      My friend and i paid £2000 for our pictures we were conned into having the 4x vogue air brushing and stuff..... I felt like we couldn't say no. im so glad they went under, but we are still paying it off. do we still have to pay it if they have gone under?? as we don't know where the money is going

    • profile image

      Leoni 6 years ago

      hi can anyone tell me if they know how much the luxury revisit actually cost because i got that with my photo's and still have my voucher and Barclays maybe able to reduce that amount off my £2000 loan, if i have proof of how much is cost and at the moment i can only give them an estimated price as it was not listed clearly on my order form, it jus said it was one of my products i paid for.

      I received my other products except one of my cd's had no original photo's on it, i just got the one with different effects on it. But my main concern is the price of the revisit, because then i can just happily pay for the products i received which were great.

    • profile image

      mystery 6 years ago

      Andyoz in response to the comment above the administrators would have issued your order out to you I am an ex employee and I had to pay the same to pick up my P45 from the post office as there is no money to pay for delivery, that would be why you only got them standard delivery.

      I feel bad for all the client's that came to the studio and all the money that was spent I or non of the employees knew this was happening and we are owed thousands of pounds in wages. In response to other comments Doubletake were never a scam they had to charge the no show fees because of people time wasting as all makeup and photographers were paid by the day freelance if people don't show they still have to be paid and people didn't have to buy the photos no gun was held to the head or anything so people should really stop moaning you would have got refunded back your booking fee if you didn't want to buy and your day would have been completely free. I loved working there and am sad it has closed.

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 6 years ago from UK

      Photos finally arrived! Yet despite paying £8 for special delvery, they turn up standard delivery & who ever sent them did not pay the correct postage so it cost me a further £1.67 to get them from the post office. What a disgrace.

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 6 years ago from UK

      Still not got ours yet. Rang up Wednesday, they said definatly be here by Friday. Still no sign. Rather annoyed about the whole thing.

    • profile image

      Knightsy 6 years ago

      I too went to a photo shoot in mid october, was told to expect my 7 photos on disc in between 21 to 28 days, putting it at latest on the 15th Nov, I never received a letter or email to state they had gone into administration.

      When I rang on the 18th they said your order has been completed and is being dispatched you should receive it in 10 working days, which I thought is resonable, then nothing. Rang again, was told again its been dispatched and I would receive it by Saturday. Finally nothing, so rang up the adminsitrators and stated my annoyance, my boyfriend is in the army and the photos (nothing dodgey) were a treat for him for christmas, now the administrators state i might not get either the photos or my £300 back!!! i am bitterly annoyed one at being lied to bt also because they should have been with me before they went into administration, I cannot state how annoyed and fustrated I am, it all seems like a big scam, and I'm not sure anyone from october onwards will get their photos and would love to know if anyone has.

    • profile image

      Jodie 6 years ago

      If you have paid by credit card, you can call your lender and get the money back from them. If you paid by debit card, you can request chargeback. Have a look on MoneySavingExpert for more help (that's what i did)

      Luckily i went to the administrators direct and they confirmed our name was on the list of completed orders and i received my photos yesterday. Give them a call, if you won't receive your pics, you can get some money back! Good luck xxxxx

    • profile image

      tam 6 years ago

      contact the administrators i am still waiting for my pics too

      on their website administrators details

    • profile image

      Shoozy 6 years ago

      My daughter naively signed up for this but BEFORE even attending, they had gone into administration and had stolen £50 from her bank account . At a complete loss as to how to retrieve the money when no one answers calls or address active. Help?

    • profile image

      aaliyah 6 years ago

      I ended up buying all my pictures, paid by credit card and was told i can have it all done again for free... now they have gone bust and i paid out £2000 and still haven't got my pictures... :(

    • profile image

      Nathalie 6 years ago

      I have bought photos from them, after they put me in a lot of pressure to buy some. Am i still going to receive them??

    • profile image

      Sammy and dave 6 years ago

      We had our pictures taken the weekend before they went bust paid 400 quid and have not received them or any information bout wot is happening I took my partner as we had just got engaged and wanted some pictures done together I am not happy they have our details and will not be paying any more money as were not paying for products we haven't received I went earlier in he year and got my photos so I trusted them now I feel let den and upset as tyat was money towards our wedding we didn't get the chance to just bye a few we got conned into the whole lot

    • profile image

      Sophie 6 years ago

      I have been to double take studios, the whole experience is amazing but I couldn't believe the prices. You're so caught up in the experience and how amazing you look that you simply can not walk away without nothing to show for it. I ended up spending £501 but because I used double money and got a saving deal it was around £399. For this I got about 5 photos printed and on a disk. Looking back it probably wasn't worth buying them but it is an experience worth while.

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 6 years ago from UK

      Not yet, still waiting and hoping.

    • profile image

      dadany 6 years ago

      did u get your photos?

    • profile image

      miss k 6 years ago

      i worked for these guys there not a scam, the main info is given on the phone including the 125 no show and they are asked to read terms and conditions, it boils down to the same thing people are stupid and don't listen

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 6 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      And people actually go and buy photos costing £3k plus! It beggars belief. I presume that they make people look so lovely that you just have to have a copy! I am sure that there will be someone with a flash camera who can do just as good a job but a lot cheaper

      Great hub and voted up