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Easy Hairstyles For Fascinators: Curly Bun Updo

Updated on March 20, 2013

Curly or Straight?

Do you prefer curly hairstyles or straight hairstyles?

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Curly Updo to Wear with a Fascinator

I may be biased because I'm a curly girl, but I love curly updos. Straight hair can be sleek and elegant, but there's something somewhat defiant about curls. They just do their own thing.

I discovered this hairdo on accident. I was having an unusually good hair day, but I wanted to wear my hair up. So I pinned it up in a twist, left the curls free, and just started pinning curls up.

The result? A quick and easy curly updo that looks great with a fascinator. Really, after you get the hang of this you'll be able to do this hairstyle in about 10 minutes. That's not factoring in the time it takes you to curl your hair if you're not already curly, however, so be sure to save time for any prep needed for this hairstyle.

Cheap Doesn't Mean Substandard

If you do some bargain hunting, cheap and pretty fascinators can be found.

I have found a few of my fascinators on Ebay. Most fascinators on Ebay are sold by merchants through their online stores. They buy in bulk to give us savvy hat lovers a break!

What Can You Do With Curly Hair? Lots!


Steps for a Quick and Easy Curly Updo

  1. Begin by curling your hair, paying particular attention to the ends. (If you're already curly, be sure you are having a frizz free curl day)
  2. Twist your hair like you are going to do a French twist, but don't tuck in your ends.
  3. If you have short hair, your curled ends should look great and you're done. If you have longer hair, take a bobby pin and pin the middle of your curls to the top of your twist.
  4. Continue all the way around the top of your twist until you have what resembles a curly ball.
  5. Pin down any unruly curls and your hairdo is fascinator ready!

Philip Treacy: The Holy Grail of Fascinators

Every hat lover loves a Philip Treacy and would give their right arm for one. I'd love to have one and hope I can find the mother of all bargains one day.

I've looked around. They're quite pricey. However, Ebay does sell them at a considerable discount. Oftentimes they still have their tags attached.

If you have your heart set on a Philip Treacy, Ebay is the best and cheapest platform to purchase them through.

Curly Hairstyles: Perfect for Fascinators

Curly hairdos look great with fascinators, especially the larger ones. Curls give you the height and volume needed to keep you from looking like there's something growing out of the side of your head.

Remember when you were in middle school and you could spend hours in front of the mirror trying new things out with your hair?

Become a kid again. Inventing your own curly style is simple, ust experiment until you find your own look and own it. Rock your fascinator!

If you would like to try another hairstyle that can be done with curly or straight hair, be sure to watch Barrel Curl Updo.

Searching for the right fascinator to wear with your hair down? Find them on Fascinators to Wear with Your Hair Down.

And if you're crafty, learn how to trim your own fascinator with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make crin flowers.


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