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Facials - What the Skin Care Technician Should Ask You BEFORE Starting Your Facial

Updated on August 2, 2009
Facials are wonderful!
Facials are wonderful!

My wife has been known to get the occasional facial (she says they are an absolute treat for the skin!). I, for one, have never had a facial. I don't know if it's because I am a man or because I just don't have the time (ok, it is because I'm a man and I prefer to rub dirt on my face rather than deep cleansing cream. Maybe I need to think about changing my ways if I want to have healthy skin when I'm older). Anyway, the first time my wife got a facial she was not very happy with the skin technician that the spa assigned to her. I asked her why…and by doing so, I entered a world in which I never thought I would be a part of…the wonderful world of facials.

Ask Away!

The skin technician (or facialist) that performs your facial should ask you several questions BEFORE they begin (this is especially true if you have never had a facial before).

Some questions that a GOOD skin technician will ask you BEFORE they begin include….

  • Do you have any allergies? For obvious reasons, this is very important. If, for example, you are allergic to cucumbers and the skin technician smears your face and neck with a cucumber based product…well, this could be a problem.
  • Your age (I know, I know, most people do not like to reveal their age, however, your age tells a lot about your skin and will enable your technician to give you a facial that best fits your need).
  • What is your every-day skin care regimen? (What products do you use? What types of products do you like?)
  • Are you taking any medications? (Certain medications can affect the skin).
  • Is your skin sensitive?
  • What is the history of your skin? (For example, how often do you break-out? What was your skin like when you were younger? Is your skin dry, oily)?

Think of your technician as a skin therapist. Your technician should be a professional who is trained and highly knowledgeable of all skin types and techniques. He or she should also be up-to-date when it comes to the latest and greatest skin care products. Just as an accountant or consultant needs to participate in continuing education programs to stay on top of their game…a skin care technician should do the same!


Facials are a treat for the skin!
Facials are a treat for the skin!

A GOOD skin care technician will be able to properly analyze your skin, discuss potential treatments and products that are best for your skin type, and recommend a routine skin program (that you can actually do at home between professional facials). In order to find a good skin technician you can simply open the yellow pages and take your pick…however, I recommend that you talk to friends and family (that you know get regular facials) and ask them where they go and who they see. Word of mouth is a GREAT way to find a good skin technician! One other important note, the spa and skin technician that you choose MUST be licensed! This is VERY important and it is the LAW! Also look for a spa that is CLEAN and one that has a relaxed and appealing atmosphere!

Proper skin care is very important if you want fresh, glowing skin (especially as you age!). Of course, you can give yourself a facial at home; however, nothing beats a professional facial done by an experienced skin technician! The average cost of a basic facial is between $60 and $75…depending upon where you go. Why not splurge once or twice a year…after all; doesn't your face deserve to be pampered too? Here's to smooth, fresh skin and looking half your age!



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