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Buying A Fleece Blanket With Sleeves Online

Updated on January 17, 2010
Snuggies - fleece blanket with sleeves
Snuggies - fleece blanket with sleeves

A fleece blanket with sleeves is the ideal throw because you can be assured that the whole of your body will be kept nice and warm while are sitting on your sofa doing the things that you would normally do. You can now find that these blankets with sleeves have more advantages that the original fleece blankets and you will find a great choice online. Here are some that are available to buy online from Amazon.

Snuggie Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

The Snuggie fleece blanket with sleeves has be widely advertised on TV and in magazines. It will keep you completely warm and cosy because it is made from a luxurious fleece fabric.This would also make a great gift for women of any age.

The great benefit of this product is that is has been proven to work incredibly well. You can wear it while you are carrying out your normal activities such as reading a book, watching TV, doing a little bit of embroidery work or even working on your laptop.

A blanket with sleeves means that once you have draped it over your body, you can be sure that it will not slip and slide all over the place. 

There will not be a part of your body that doesn’t get some blanket coverage so you will not have to keep rearranging yourself in order to keep all body parts warm.  The Snuggie fleece is made extra large so one size really does fit all.

 This fleece is machine washable so it is very easy to look after and maintain

Fleece blankets with sleeves for boys and girls
Fleece blankets with sleeves for boys and girls

Fleece Blanket With Sleeves For Children

These types of fleece throws have become very popular and now you can get a fleece blanket with sleeves for children.

They do exactly the same thing and function just as the regular size blankets. The only difference is the size. These fleece wraps are made for the much smaller frame.

You can get them in a baby pink colour or you can buy a fleece blanket for boys and this comes in a royal blue colour.

With this particular kid size Snuggie package, you also get a bonus item included. This is a very useful pair of comfortable slipper socks.

They are free and are made with a non skid sole on the bottom so they are completely safe for children to wear on hardwood floors. You do not have to fear any accidents occurring as the socks have been made to create a grip to the ground.

A Snuggie could make the perfect gift idea for the whole family and would be suitable for any occasion. These blankets can be used at any time of the year and are lightweight enough for you to pack into your luggage and take with you when you go off on vacation.

Fleece Blankets With Sleeves For Sale


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