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Fendi Spring Sunglasses | Bright Blocky Shades

Updated on September 26, 2010
FENDI Spring 2011. Photography by Peter Stigter
FENDI Spring 2011. Photography by Peter Stigter

Winter hasn't so much as set foot into 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere, but Fendi is already looking forward to Spring 2011, or perhaps they['re simply acknowledging that Spring 2011 is already here in Spring 2010 for the Southern Hemisphere. That's the trouble high fashion seasons you see, half the planet gets to the seasons first, and it's not the half of the planet that actually designs the bulk of the fashion. But already I have digressed wildly, for we are all here to discuss the bright and happy wonders that are Fendi's block color sunglasses - which go rather well with their block color bags and their block o' wood high heels.

There's a certain innocence to Fendi's latest range of sunglasses, an innocence no doubt created by the use of chunky frames and bold colors that is rather reminiscent of toys made for small children to gum. That is not to say that Fendi's frames are not stylish. If they are not stylish, then I ask you, what is style?

Spring is about hope, about life springing from the earth anew, and these sunglasses capture that mood quintessentially. They are fun, light, playful and yet also sophisticated, and they will suit women of almost any age at all. The secret to wearing them in a mature fashion is to pair them with clean cut lines that embrace the feminine.

Keep in mind that the minimalist trend is highly likely to continue into 2011 and beyond, so bright sunglasses and bright lips are likely to become signature points for otherwise restrained outfits. The red lipstick the model wears is totally on trend, with make up being all about the lips at the moment, and more to the point, red lipstick being an absolute cosmetic must have.

Following Fendi's lead, we can see that frames are set to remain large this season, as the 70's sweeps through fashion with a wide brush, turning everything it touches a little bit retro.

What I most adore about this particular trend is its accessibility. It would be lovely if one could splash out on a pair of Fendi sunglasses, but even if such a purchase is not possible, there are likely to be a range of large, brightly colored, chunky sunglasses on the scene in coming seasons. This is one of those times when fashion seems determined to spread cheer, and cheer is always a trend to be embraced.


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